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PS Plus is "contributing in a big way" to PSN sales, Sony informs us

Sony's online efforts have come a long way in the last six years, and while some would argue that Xbox Live is still superior, one unique differentiator for PlayStation Network is its PlayStation Plus offering. In fact, one industry veteran close to Sony told us recently that Sony has "drastically undersold" the value of PlayStation Plus. Sony appears eager to change that, if you ask John Koller, VP of PlayStation Home and Handheld Consoles.

Koller, who also oversees all PlayStation brand marketing, told GamesIndustry International that PlayStation Plus has seen a big rise in interest and that Sony is going to put some significant weight behind marketing the program from here on out.

"PlayStation Plus is fantastic. This is going to be a significant part of our marketing efforts over the next 6, 12, 24 months. This is a big part of what we do. The amount of value that you get from PlayStation Plus is significant. Since E3, we've seen a significant rise in PlayStation Plus adoption and we'll be utilizing this," Koller said.

"This is a nice weapon in our arsenal that we'll be utilizing and it's just a great value for a consumer that's coming in. If you look at a consumer that's coming in in year 6 or year 7...you could call them a later adopter and giving them an instant game collection, which is what PlayStation Plus provides, has really proven to be successful. So this is going to be a very important part of what we do here over the next few months. You'll see it at holiday. You'll see it even beyond that with various integrations into our ecosystem."

PlayStation Plus is offered for either 3 months at $17.99 or a full year for $49.99. Subscribers gain access to a wide variety of games, early access to demos and betas, discounts on PSN content, 1GB of cloud storage for game saves, and 1-hour trials of full games for select titles. It's an interesting idea, and it's certainly helping to communicate the value of digital to gamers.

"Some of PlayStation Plus' benefit is getting consumers more comfortable with digital content who may not be. Obviously, there's the current PlayStation 3 consumer who tends to be fairly comfortable with digital and we have a great DLC sales and full game downloads and those types of things. But the new consumers who are coming in in particular, which is what I'm looking at here, if we can introduce them to PlayStation Plus and this instant game collection idea, you're bringing them into a world that may be a bit foreign to them if they don't own a system this current cycle. So that comfort level is important to us, it's important to publishers, it's important I think to most people in this industry that we get them comfortable with digital content," added Koller.

So far, so good for Plus. While Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn't share exact figures on the number of Plus subscribers, a spokesperson did tell us that customer satisfaction rates are at the highest ever at 97 percent while renewal intent rate is at 93 percent. "The success of PS Plus is contributing in a big way to driving overall PSN sales, as our last quarter was the biggest in terms of transactional sales in PSN's six-year history," she noted. "The immediate consumer reaction was completely off the charts, and membership sales more than doubled during the week of E3."

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Playstation Plus has the potential to bring Playstation back to glory, but only if they play their cards right..... which if recent history has taught us anything, they won't, sadly.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

Interesting perspective. I'm sure most of us think as PS+ being for the hardcore gamer while this implies it is just as much for the casual. That explains the new PS store. Also seeing as PS+ is coming to Vita next month, Sony must be making bank.

Also has Microsoft released stats for Gold? It would be interesting to compare (even though they are completely different).

The difference of PSN+ compared to a year ago is like night and day.


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Well its fantastic thats why!

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It makes me wish that Nintendo or MS would adopt a similar subscription model.

Personally, I think it offers great value for 50 dollars/year ( = 4.x dollars/month )

That argument you don't keep your games is not valid when it's such a low price. Easily one of the best services this gen, imo.

You have to wonder how well they would do and how many more consoles sony would sell if they advertised the value of the ps+ to all the casuals and potential gamers. 45 games per year is a freaking good deal.

I wouldn't be that surprised. Free Play weeks are huge drivers of sales for Steam.

I think PS+ is very profitable for Sony, the Publishers and even the gamers.
I'd love to see some official numbers how many subscribers there are. Let's say there are 3 million people. In the EU it is 65 Dollars a year, but lets just say 50 Dollars p.a.
So that's a total of 150 million USD. And what they basically do is giving money to the publishers for their games which don't do very high numbers anymore. I mean, how much money do they have to invest to giveaway a game like Bulletstorm which sold like 400k on the PS3. That shouldn't be too much, maybe like 1 million USD. Peanuts for the PS+ money pool, but free money for the publisher. The only really expensive deal was Red Dead Redemption, i think Sony had to pay good money for it, since it is a real blockbuster and still sells well.

PS+ is an awesome value for the gamers, and everyone should participate. Heck, the more people get into it, the more value could be added (to sonys wallet, too).

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