Sony is creating amazing value for PlayStation gamers

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Will Sony keep on creating amazing value for PS gamers?

Yeah 57 71.25%
no :'/ 23 28.75%

Yeah. I'm often critical of son, but one thing they deserve praise for their revamp of plus. This service is awesome and as long as it stays as good as its been, I will remain a subscriber for forseeable future. Then again, I want to see how much vita content takes up plus. I personally would prefer vita have 0 plus support or at least have its own plus service. I'll be PO'ed if the vita soils plus.

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Damnn, i really want to support psn plus but i only play from time to time and still have a lot of games that need to be finished.

Lol shitty Sony, you make me download so many games. I hardly have time playing all those ps+ games. I downloaded close to 100GB of content alone in the past 2 months and still have to start Deus Ex, Borderlands, Tomb Raider, that one top down shooter etc