New Blazblue announced.. screw it! I hate Arc System Works...

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  • The new release will be titled Blazblue Chrono Phantasma.
  • There’s reportedly a lot that’s been changed in the game. The neutral poses have been redrawn for all the characters, and their costumes are even different. Of course they also have new moves.
  • Noel has a different weapon and she doesn’t wear a cap this time.
  • Tsubaki seems to be the version that’s fallen to the dark side.
  • Hazama has a new DD
  • The BGMs seems to be different as well
  • Three new characters will be added in: Amane, Barret(Bullet?), Azrael. Amane fights with something like a cloth, Barret looks a bit like Makoto, Azrael is muscular.


f*ck this shit... I got Calamaty trigger, bought Continuum Shift.. then got Continuum Shift II as an dl update only to find out 3 months later that Continuum Shift Extend was coming not as an dl update but as an standalone release and I bought that this in March... to make things worse all my blazeblue are the special editions...... -__-"

This is the reason that I'm skipping Persona 4 Arena, while I really would like it but Arc System Works is even worse the Capcom updating their fighting games every 10 months.... 


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Despite loving Calamity Trigger (It's my favourite PS3 game), I never got round to buying the other games for various reasons; I guess that paid off for me in this case.

Also, the bit about all the neutral poses and costumes, as well as some moves, being changed suggests to me that this isn't the worst case of rereleasing. Also, I guess we should be thankful that we aren't experiencing the Morrigan situation all over again

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Blazblue Chrono Phantasma: 2013?

how is this worse than any capcom fighting game ?

I really hope they don't do this with P4A and just release DLC characters and leave it at that.

I dont really like this series. I wish they did more Guilty gear instead...

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You people are aware that BB is a hugely story driven game and Continuum Shift added about 20+ hours of new story line content, correct? It's more than just a patch or DLC update. CS2 didn't add a whole lot but it was just a patch anyway. I'll admit Extend was pretty much a cash in though.

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Nem said:
I dont really like this series. I wish they did more Guilty gear instead...

good new for you then that they are gonna release Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus on PSN and XBLA.. which was the 5th version of GGXX

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Sounds like good news to me. I love the series, so I'm getting the game.

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Already moving on from P4A? Must be upset that the RPG converted into a fighter became more popular than their precious BlazBlue. Besides, why would anyone bother buying it when it comes out, when the Extend version will come out 6 months after release?


Despite the confusing naming, this is actually Blazblue 3. Just like Continuum shift was an actual sequel to Calamity Trigger, Chrono Phantasma is the actual sequel to Continuum Shift.

I think this is great because I have been waiting for Blazblue 3 which this is. What Arc did wrong imo was releasing Extend last year which was nothing but an expansion pack as a game. They should have released it as a patch and dlc just like they did with Continuum shift 2.

But nonetheless an actual sequel is a great thing and the game is looking very very good.