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Ivalice is in FFXIV!?

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Athaba said:
deskpro2k3 said:

oh yea there is a lot of content and more will be added when patch 2.4 comes out soon before this month ends. by the way since you said you also got the ps3 version i thought you'll also like to know that you get a free upgrade to the ps4 version. this only works if you own the ps3 version and upgrade to the ps4 version for free before the deadline on december 31th

Thanks again :) I'll get a Ps4 later next year after I finished my collage and moved to another town, so I'll have to buy it again. But that's no Problem. When I upgrade I can't use the Ps3 version, right?

yep that is right, once you upgrade to ps4, the ps3 version wont work.

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Final Fantasy XIV first expansion has just been announced! Oh and check out that new logo. lol

Main focus of the expansion so far:

- City State of Ishgard.
- Dragoons vs Dragons.
- Knights of the Round.
- Level cap increase to Lv60.
- New areas:
(The Dravanian Forelands, Floating islands in the sky, Chocobo Forests)
- New playable race, two genders.
- Multiple new jobs
- New Primals. - Some original to XIV
- New Dungeons + High-End Raids.
- Airships
- New Gear and Recipes.
- Ishgard art style will have a dark mature look.

More to come.


Teaser Trailer below.


Made my first steps in the game today. It's a faszinating world and a had a lot of fun with it. My girlfriend and I reached level 7 and finished a few quests, it's fun to explore the world together :)


@New Trailer: Wow, that Dragoon-Armor looks badass... Sping 2015 sounds fair, enough time for me to play the normal game.

there were sayings that flying mounts will be added right? i hope a couple new races too. that is gonna b awesome

Some screenshots of the upcoming expansion.


Chocobo Forest?


Ishgard (why does these shots reminds me of Bloodborne)

Concept Art.

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oh man just stop it...cant wait for the update

Cthulhu said:
oh man just stop it...cant wait for the update

NO! There is no stopping this hype train!

I have another question: Is there a way to see the time spend ingame? :)

if playing on PC it shows on the steam platform on Ps3 i never checked but there is a way to check most likely as in most MMOs

Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn Story.

Watch this CGI trailer if you want a better understanding about the lore and history of FFXIV.