So is it the HD Triplets now with the WiiU?

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Are PS3, WiiU, and 360 HD triplets?

Yes 28 36.36%
No 49 63.64%
homer said:
No because the wiiu's main control scheme is extremely different than the HD twins. It's more like their younger little cousin or the guy with one arm that shows up late to the party.

More like the HD twins are middle-aged men now and the Wii U is a strapping young lad with cybernetic implants.

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WIIU is miles above the PS360

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They may be HD triplets for a year or so, but once the new Xbox and Playstation arrives I wouldn't be surprised if they call the new consoles something like


the Graphics Twins

the Hardcore Twins

the Third Party Supported Twins

the Actual Next-Gen Twins

or perhaps the Blue Ray (BR) Twins


They will do anything in their powers to make it appear as if they belong to different generations and markets. Mark my words.

Nah. Even if the Wii U is more capable than the PS3 and 360, I'm sure a lot of developers will still release games for the first two and not the Wii U.

As a PS3/360 owner, even though there are some good exclusives for each platform, I'd say 90% of the time, when I go to the video games store, I'm deciding between the PS3 or 360 version of the exact same game. The last time I bought a newly released PS3 exclusive was when Uncharted 3 released. The last time I bought a new 360 exclusive was the Witcher 2 (and before that, Gears 3). So, for the most part, I have two consoles that offer almost the exact same experience. And I'm almost positve I've purchased around 50 titles this year (just a guess. I could be wrong)

With the Wii U, I don't think that will be the case. It may share some titles with the competition but I think that most of the time, when I buy a Wii U game, it will be very different than what the "HD Twins" offer. It's like how the Gamecube was considered very different from the Xbox and PS2. Almost equal in capability but still very different from its contemporaries.

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this is one of the most ridiculous (as in funny) thread i have read in while....

let me add my 2cents

to be trplets shouldn't they be born in same time frame... now argue.. bahaha

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Hold on... PS3, X360, PSVita, WiiU... All HD i beleave and all share the same releases (sometimes)

No, since WiiU is a next gen system, it makes the HD twins obsolete.

I don't get why people like to include the WiiU with the current gen consoles! Its next gen FFS so no they won't be called "the triplets"!

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PlaystaionGamer said:
Hold on... PS3, X360, PSVita, WiiU... All HD i beleave and all share the same releases (sometimes)

the vita is not hd


ot : from some of the post in this thread you'd think that having a term to differentiate consoles was a bad thing, i don't see the problem as it actually made sense

Fusioncode said:
The 360 and PS3 were going head to head all generation but the Wii was just doing it's own thing. I'm sure the WiiU will be the same considering what I've seen.

From what I've seen, I'd say that sony and microsoft will be trying to do nintendo's thing, so they might be triplets after all.