Skyrim wins 2011 VGA GOTY award and over a dozen more.

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What should have won GOTY?

Skyrim 134 41.74%
Uncharted 3 83 25.86%
Batman Arkham City 22 6.85%
Portal 2 14 4.36%
Skyward Sword 67 20.87%

It was out of Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Portal 2 and Skyward Sword.

I was rooting for Batman AC or Uncharted 3 to win but its no surprise at all that Skyrim won, congrats to it.

Personally i dont think Uncharted 3 had a chance at winning, the second one already won the award a couple years ago and these type of awards usually like to go with something different. Uncharted 3 was very similar to the second not really much better or worse.

Games like Batman, Skyrim etc however were huge improvements over the previous game and why they stood a better chance.

One of the favourites Gears of War 3 was never even nominated.

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From the buzz it has and the scores it garnered, well deserved!!


Grats to Bethesda - well deserved.

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When they didn't announce the rpg of the year, I had a feeling they would bundle it with the GOTY. hehehehe

And it definitely deserves it. It's such an incredible game (in fact it's now my favorite game of all time)

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Did they do an individual PS3, Xbox, Wii GOTY award because i guess i missed that.

I was hoping Zelda, but this makes sense. I wonder if it would have recieved the same scores if they played a 100 hours of the game and saw all the glitches?

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Not my pick, but I can understand it. Congrats Bethesda.

I'll say congrats but won't say well deserved...(coming from a ps3 player)

With how bad Oblivion was i didnt want Skyrim to win the award either but you knew it was always going to.