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I would be a master of martial arts and would strip the hero of all his weapons/ potions/ items. Making it an epic hand to hand battle.

The setting would be on an apocalyptic field where the enviroment is slowy deteriorating and burning. 

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Option 1:
- I would be looking like Sephiroth, my special abilities would be my sword and magic.
- We would be fighting at Namek at the same moment as Goku was fighting Frieza.
- This music would be the Pause-music from Battletoads [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhl9pJB-2Ak[/embed]

zarx said:
An empty room with fog horns filled with 100,001 buttons one of which would initiate my giant death mech the rest lead to instant death. Have to be sporting with these things, natuarally there will be a 20 minute unskippabale cutscene and a long corridor to walk down filled with enemies after the last check point.

love it 

Wait... does this mean im not human?

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If I was a final boss I would probably try to kill the characters on their adventure somewhere so they couldn't get super powerful with magical weapons to kill me.

Seriously, why don't they do that?

an over powered Grimreaper that destroys that which can not be destroyed

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Jdevil3 said:
tolu619 said:

@Jdevil3, So in other words, you would be God? And your opponent, the only one who can actually fight you, will be...............God? Did I leave anything out?

Well, that depends on wether God exists or not, and if he/she does, it depends on wether he/she has all those abilities.... if he/she does, then yeah... I'd be God.

Whether or not he/she exists, you knew what I meant when I said "God" meaning the word has a meaning to you. In light of what God is meant to be, you pretty much described him. Does the hero get equal powers to with you just before the boss fight? If not, what had been challenging him throughout his journey in the game?


@Brendude13, lol! Lots of little squirtles!

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