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well it seems that brawl is the most wanted game for this year

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I already said it in this thread but I'll say it again. KILLZONE 2! Currently scheduled for release in April 2008!

The other games I want are in my Sig.

coolestguyever said:

I figured out WKS, but what is ES?

ES = Eternal Sonata

Is it even possible for KZ 2 to come out in april?

Well ill go by console =) i own

Wii-DUHHHHHHHHHHHH brawl, Mario cart
360- more games then i can count, Fable 2, LO, and NG are on the top along with everything else (ill be broke)
Psp- GOD of AWSOME WAR, and of course crisis core =D, i pray KH can make it by end of year as well

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No More Heroes is the title I am most anticipating. I hope it's amazing.

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PC: Starcraft 2
PS3: Little Big Planet, MGS4 Resistance 2 (can't decide...maybe killzone 2. We were riled up when we saw it at E3)
Wii: Brawl (mario kart a close second)
360: Alan Wake
PSP: Crisis Core
DS: Advance Wars

Lost tears of Kain said:
360- more games then i can count

Less then 10,000 games can out for the PS2 in its lifetime, and I can count way higher then that :p

Seeing as I own all 3 consoles these are the top 3 per console:

wii: Super smash bros

Xbox 360: Ninja gaiden 2

Playstation 3: Killzone 2


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wii: 40M

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