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So it is official PS3 has got a price cut od $50 to $249 in the US and 249 euros in europe, also 24900 yen (i think). So Lets predict what its FW sales will be!

Just to clarify the price cut is effective imediately which means it will be in sales data on VGC from the 13th-20th of august which isn't next weeks numbers but the week after, will also only be 2/3 days of sales.

I predict about 250k.

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I can't see sales almost doubling (250k+) at this point in the generation.

2490 yen!?

anything close or over 200k first week my guess till the holiday madness kicks in then we'll start to see some huge numbers from ps3.

It's only 50$...I doubt that will have a big increase

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$50 seems kind of too small to do much, imo.

138,397 (this week) * 1.5 = 207,595 at best.

no idea, can someone remind me of the 2009 drop?


180K min - 240K Max.

Seece said:
no idea, can someone remind me of the 2009 drop?

597k week one, a rise of 275%. The previous week sales were 159k. It was a new design though and was a way bigger drop so I assume it wont be anywhere as powerful this time.

For reference:

Date PS3 Sales
5th July 2009 - 11th July 2009 103,000
30th Aug 2009 - 5th Sep 2009 598,000

4th Oct 2009 - 10th Oct 2009

5th Dec 2009 - 12th Dec 2009  746,000

Price cut was around 23rd Aug 2009.