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8.5/10 The start drags on a bit, but after that it's all great

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8/10 it's good


5/10 meh, not bad. Didn't do much for me though.

Ease your mind:

Aptly titled; it was rather monotonous. Oddly enough, I kinda liked it. 5/10.

Started great, ended not so great. It was Alright, but I won't be listening again. 6/10

Because I just watched Drive, which has an AMAZING soundtrack.

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9/10 It was an awesome song overall.

Pretty good. The beat was nice. Not sure if I like her voice though. 6.5/10

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

It was good, for K-pop that is. Most k-pop songs just sound a little too alike for me... 5/10

0/10 (For Ninpie)
 Edit: 8.5/10 (Andre)

Tino Vainamoinen said:

0/10 (For Ninpie)
 Edit: 8.5/10 (Andre)

What the actual fuck. Video not available in my country... >_>. 7/10 - Excellent, but too relaxing for my taste