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8/10 great, love MSI


Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

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5/10 - kinda catchy, but it got old fast.

Some more MSI: 

Time to revive this thread...

@song in prev post 7/10  I usually like the stuff u post

6/10 - a decent song, not my genre of choice.

I hope you like dubstep next poster.

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My two least favorite things: Dubstep and centipedes. Definitely not my type of music. I can't even-

Um, anyway here's something a little more British:


the video is kind of weird, but i guess that's why Keane doesn't make very many music videos.

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Aah, Keane. Good Stuff! 8.5/10

4/10 I was pretty bored throughout, didn't like the guys voice :,(

8/10 Very relaxing.

8.5/10 Man can dance!

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