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3 million. Bold prediction, I know. But this is going to have good legs. Move will help it sell. If MAG can do 1 million, SOCOM 4 (a much better game judging from the Beta) should sell a lot more.


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1.5 million just to be on the safe side. I overestimated many exclusives this year, so due to competition or not I think Socom 4 will do around 1.5 million LTD.

It's a true SOCOM game, so 3 million isn't too far fetched. Let's remember this is a bigger franchise than Killzone, so selling 3 million shouldn't be too much of an issue.

So first week - 450-550k, lifetime - 2.75 - 3 million.


2 million

1.5-2 million.

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2.2 million just to be safe

i dont know how the hardcore socom fans will take it.

it has a classic mode, but they still seem to resent it a little.

games have to move on, they cant keep the same mechanics from 10 years ago.

thats what Socom did, they needed to advance, and they kept a classic mode for the harcore

2-2.5 million. socom 4 is an established franchise it should sell around there.

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I'm thinking about picking it up having not played any of the others - i quite like a good TPS and the multiplayer should be different from FPS for some of the shooter fans warrant buying it. but it is a jam packed release calandar this year so...

1.7 mil US

1.2 mil EU

0.1 mil JP

maybe 3 mil. but could supprise us and do monunmental numbers - never know...

About 1.8 - 2.3 million

2.5 million maybe 3 if its got good legs. It will be huge in the states though. 

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