Are you going to buy Skyrim?

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Are you going to buy Skyrim?

Yes, day one no matter what. 82 49.70%
Yes certainly, in time I will. 30 18.18%
It depends on reviews and word of mouth 11 6.67%
I will pick it up from the bargain bin 12 7.27%
Probably not. 8 4.85%
No. 22 13.33%

Probably, but I'm going to give it some time first.

November's going to be very busy.

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OH HELL YEAH....this is a launch date purchase, and one my leading GOTY prospects.

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ugh, someone broke the thread!

anyway, I'll pirate the fucker. It's revenge for the overpriced games here.

Hell yeah, day one of PS3 most likely.

This is a big maybe for me, i'll wait for reviews and junk. I'm hoping for more Morrowind and less Oblivon/Fallout 3. But morrowind didn't get bethesda on the scene like oblivion did so that is very doubtfull but i can still hope.

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I will probably get the GOTY edition on PC when the fan patch that makes the game playable comes out like I did with Morrowind and Oblivion and Fallout 3...

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I'm definitely getting the game at some point. It will not be day one, but eventually. The aesthetics of elder scrolls doesn't really appeal to me, but the games are still fun; I'll likely pick it up once it drops below $30.

After reading the article in Gameinformer about it I can say that Skyrim is a legit day one buy.  It looks 10,000 times better then Oblivion.

100% YES would pay $1000 and give up every other game I own. Most anticipated game of all time ever.


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VXIII said:

I'm not sure yet , the latest trailer was good, I need to watch more gameplay footage from actual gamers not from Bethesda themselves , so far so good.

did you like oblivion?

if yes then your going to love skyrim.

if no then your going to love skyrim.

Slimebeast kinnda asked me a similar question and regretted it later.
Oblivion had potential but the experience was ruined because of Bethesda incompetence ,if they deliver a complete and probable game then I'm in .

incompetence? the world was amazing. and the combat was great. what more do you ned!

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