Geohotz has lost his marbles!!!! Does a 'rap' video

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Personally I thought the video was stupid.

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voty2000 said:

I love this guy and I have a feeling he's gonna be extremely wealthy one day.


I don't know... just seems like a total d-bag to me.

Oh, and he can't rap for sh!t (neither can I, but at least I don't try... oh wow!  See what I did there?!).

I think he rap's quite good..

patapon said:

Sony all like:

I lol'd so hard. 

OT: Wow, biggest attention whore since Lindsey Lohan. I guess he might as well make a comedy out of himself because thats all he is, a joke.

That was a pretty good rap lmao. This guy know his rhyming too I guess.

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A generic beat and a guy talking over it in an arritmic pace.

how entertaining.

 And those lyrics? Priceless. Absolutely marvelous... you can tell it comes deep from its scrotum with such soul.

disolitude said:

Thats what happens when they take your hard drive and find shit on there which they are not supposed to find...

like his gay porn collection 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

Well that was amusing..

Pixel Art can be fun.

What the hell did I just watch?

well that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...

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