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I still say it's FFXIII.

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FFXIII is way ahead

But even NIER, DQIX, KH:BBS and Chaos Rings (my fav ipod touch game so far) were better than it. Even given that Just Cause 2 was a good game.

Damn SE ruled 2010 for me, best dev of the year by far.

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I have just beaten the game a few days ago. 30% of the game took me 30 hours of lots of fun. Even if what people are saying is true and the game does get a little repetitive at a certain point (which I still haven't reached), I can assure you the game provides with some extremely exciting first 30 hours.

And as I am having so much fun with this game I was considering to promote it a little bit through a thread, so here I am, supporting the OP.

And eventhough I loved Final Fantasy XIII and was one of my favourite games of last year (way behind Mass Effect 2, RDR, SMG 2 and DKCR if you were wondering) I can see clearly as day why you are saying this was SE best game of the year.

It was, by all means, my sleeper hit of 2010. I wouldn't dare to go back to InFamous now. I had to force me to play that game and I never really had much fun. After Just Cause 2, it looks even more boring.

Just Cause 2 was a great game. I completely agree. I spent 80 hours and finished 97.8%. Great game. Worths every euro.

Yakuzaice said:
pacman91 said:

Perhaps Red Dead Redemption filled consumer's sandbox quota.

JC2 was out two months earlier though.  Not that I'm surprised that RDR crushed it in sales.

Eh, what do I know. I bought it for $8 on Steam during Thanksgiving week :b

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@A203d id agree with you but didnt that come out in 2009, i was talking best game of the last year

@pariz  thanks for the support, but Infamous??? I love them both, IMHO there different enough that they both share a place in my heart. I can say the story in Infamous was better, Just Cause 2 was a bit hokey, but you know what, I think that was the point the whole thing screams interactive action movie.

And I cant believe I forgot about kingdom hearts:BBS, THAT was the best game from SE last year. Just Cause 2 is right behind it. I have to try this Chaos Rings game, what platform is it. 

I ran around and blew shit up for a few hours and then when I felt like doing a mission, that's when the whole game went down hill. It's cool, but the mission structure and the story campaign is all sorts of boring and you can only randomly blow up so much.

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I really enjoyed this game and had a lot of fun messing around, it's going to take me forever to complete everything but I'll get around to it eventually.

absurd.  the best of 2010 was definitely, by far, NIER. 

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