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This is the official Square Enix Premiere Conference Thread.

There are 7 titles to be shown at the event.

Three of those titles are FNC titles (FNC standing for "Fabula Nova Crystallis"). Two of them being Versus and Agito. The other one being a question mark.

Then we have four titles that have nothing to do with the FNC project. Two of those being Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Dissidia 012. The other two are question marks.

To clarify, the event being shown twice. The live streaming event is only for the second showing, and not the first one. So...

Show without streaming starts at:

Japan: 6:00pm
Western US: 1:00am
Eastern US: 4:00am
Brazil east: 7:00am
GMT: 9:00am
Germany: 10:00am

Live streaming event start at:

Japan: 8:00pm
Western US: 3:00am
Eastern US: 6:00am
Brazil east: 9:00am
GMT: 11:00am
Germany: 12:00pm

Here are some links to live bloging for the first showing:


FF Reunion twitter page:


Enjoy your stay!!!

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So Final fantasy XIII - 2 seems to be a big possibility after all. They just won't learn from their mistakes...

6 am? 


ǝןdɯıs ʇı dǝǝʞ oʇ ǝʞıן ı ʍouʞ noʎ 

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Time for hype

Maybe there will be a final fantasy collection with ffX, ffX-2 and ffXII or the same with kingdom hearts. Im also hoping for FFXV announcement, FFVII remake or kingdom hearts 3. The conference would not be a disappointment to me if any of those games are announced. I would also be very happy with ffXIII-2 which is what most people think the 3rd fnc game is.

daymn 3am for me 0_0 have class at 8am tomorrow so not gonna stay up

I wanna see complete trailers for Agito, Versus and most importanly DUODECIM!

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It looks like this thread/live Blog is going to spoil the event for me , I'm outta here.

lol, I'll come back in the morning after this all over. Quite excited to hear about what is shown.

M.U.G.E.N said:

daymn 3am for me 0_0 have class at 8am tomorrow so not gonna stay up

I wanna see complete trailers for Agito, Versus and most importanly DUODECIM!

There will be more character announcement for DUODECIM mainly the Nes/Snes FF characters.

I also heard there will be another character from FNC compialtion (not sure). Hoping for Noctis. Harhar!


That will be 5pm on my place. About 40 mins to go. LOL!!! Can't wait for Versus and Agito!!! Hoping for FF XIII-2. I hope the other two announcement won't disappoint. SE don't disappoint me. RAGE!!!

will deus Ex Human rising will get an release date?

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I hope Final Fantasy XIII-2 is announced, not really interested in much else. I guess probably Versus but I don't know anything about it so lets see.