what character did you create on DC:Univers online beta (if your on)

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hi there i have been playing DCUO beta for a little while an finally created my ultimate awesome character, who is female human, under wonderwoman as my master, i have sorcery and a stick as my weapon and im lvl five, what did you create??

it's the future of handheld


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Pics if you got 'em!  I wanna see what you guys created.

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Yeah I want to see pics too, I also wouldn't mind some gameplay footage, especially if anyone has PS3 gameplay/screenshots. Since I'm thinking of buying this on PS3 instead of PC for a change, an MMO from my sofa could be really fun.

A Dual Pistal wielding, Mind powers using, Mummy with an affro and parachute pants tutored by Batman.



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And here's mine.....

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I... can't see the picture D:


Does your character atleast look cool? :P

I havent played in a few days, but I will tell it anyway

I created a flying guy with flame powers and hand blast. Superman is my mentor.

Im lvl 10 and I finally got the skill that makes me fly a bit faster haha.