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Nov 24, 2010
Giving this just because xbox fanboys are flaming the reviews of GT5. No offense to the game itself, just want to make sure that fanboys get what they asked for.
I lol'd, but a quick glance at Forza 3's user reviews only showed a single GT5 related comment in the negatives. Another reason that nobody ever uses/cares/looks at user reviews on metacritic except the most hardcore of hardcore fanboys.
People who care so much about a user score that honestly probably never even factor into anyone's purchase intent really need a hobby-- one that doesn't involve the internet, probably.

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Yeah this has happened with a 360 game before by... ps3 fanboys I think. Can't remember which game but I found it very childish ;)

At first I used to get pissed off at these idiotic reviews.  And now I take them as a badge of honor.  All exclusive games get their fair share of these shit reviews.  These type reviews are clearly from people who probably never played the game but hate it because its on their competitors platform.  These people spend a lot of time to create an account solely to bash a game.  So in some weird way it makes me feel good that they feel the need to do such things.  Let them waist their time doing such things, hopefully they do this instead of as an example kicking dogs.  :P

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Its very scary people are making a big deal out of this specifically because its gt5. Compare any ps3 or 360 exclusive to a multiplatform counterpart. You will see the multiplaform game always has better user ratings. Aliens vs Predator has a similar user review score as almost all ps3 and 360 exclusives. Freaking AVP, the game's average critic review was in the 60s. PS3 and 360 fanboys are equally sad and this happens with every single exclusive game worthy of mention. If anything a low score should be viewed as a compliment. It means the fanboys are angry that the competing system has that game.

tuscaniman said:
TT Makaveli said:

wow...Xbox fans are really scared of Gran Turismo...

About as scared as PS3 fans were of Halo:Reach.

Reading through some of the comments now, have to say some are quite entertaining.

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I only pay attention to the actual score anyway.

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Same happened with Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Gear 2 and Little Big Planet.

People actually pay attention to user reviews on metacritic?  They are just as bad a youtube comments, on all consoles.

Oh...the meltdowns. gotta love it!

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This is why there will never be an IMDb.com for video games. Movies dont have fanboys like video Games.