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THQ just released its new Wii exclusive item the uDraw Game Tablet last Sunday in America(Nov 14th) and seems to be selling quite well.

n-europe said this about uDraw:

"THQ took a bit of a gamble when it revealed it's uDraw Gametablet on Wii. As a fairly substantial piece of technology, the company was obviously banking on beating the odds with a not inexpensive package, targeting a potentially niche audience, on the gaming-focussed Wii.Yet early signs for the uDraw tablet, which comes bundled with the uDraw Studio software allowing users to express their artist side, seem to be positive. Despite only releasing in the US earlier this week, early demand for the tablet caused THQ's shares to jolt dramatically, upping by over 10% yesterday. The hardware/software package peaked at number 7 on Amazon's video game best-seller list."

Michael Brown said the following on Udraw's success:

"Shares of THQ Inc. jumped on nearly three times their usual volume following indications of a strong launch for its uDraw sketching game and tablet product for Nintendo's Wii gaming system."

Everybody's favorite person in gaming Michael Pachter also commented on uDraw's sales:

"I think the market is reacting to a long-awaited hit, and their timing in front of holiday is really good... The only thing that will hold uDraw back is supply, as the company said it intends to make only 1 million or so this fiscal year. If it's sold out, I'm sure they will find a way to increase manufacturing capacity."

Also, Udraw is currently sold out at Toys R Us and Walmart.

I am happy that uDraw is performing very well and looks to be the "Move" and "Kinect" of the Wii and should help Wii sales this Holiday in America!





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Nice to hear that companies that risk new ideas get benefits. Good not to stay on the same old formulas.

Nice! Hopefully Nintendo will consider making a new Mario Paint for it!

the game tablet is a good idea, I'm thinking about buying it. I just wish we could get a Drawn to life game thta works with the tablet.

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I am glad to hear its done well. I want to try it out but for now i have too many other games to buy to spend money on something i may end up not liking a lot. maybe during the spring.

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saw uDraw last night in Walmart though... I was actually wondering if it's selling well.

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i like THQ they aren't greedy and invest in new IP's like Deblob and Homefront and now this uDraw looks sweet. 

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Really? That's pretty neat, then.

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saw a commercial for this ..it would be cool if they made a drawn to life game on the wii for this i'd get it

.... > I was wrong