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http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/column/kaigai/20100910_392597.html(japanese site)


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Iroshige Goto at the current period hardware column, talked about the just announced in Japan, information Kinect,

Which said the high price is Kinect last-minute specification changes because it caused.

Kinect contains a bundle of games with the pricing ¥ 14,800 / 149 USD. The price is around for a quite high priced.

Generally believed that if the surrounding host more than 99 U.S. dollars is difficult popularity

But the high price of Kinect behind

In fact, because of a difficult decision, and so Microsoft had to be so set.



Last-minute changes to hardware design

In fact, the price published before the last minute, changed Kinect hardware.

Before the summer, Kinect identification processing to complete the most dependent on XBOX360,

This is a huge burden on the XBOX360's CPU, so if you want to use Kinect result of the game,

The available CPU resources will be greatly reduced, will Kinect game development resulted in significant obstacles.


So, in July the price to post Kinect before the decision to change the Kinect hardware specifications.

The new revised specifications, Kinect add a processing unit, capable of handling most of the processing,

This way greatly reduces CPU load, use Kinect the game much easier to develop,

On the other hand, the decision also raises production costs, the original set of 99 U.S. dollars were not achieved.


The changes will also affect the corresponding game.

Expected to be available at the game with Kinect are changes in hardware specifications to come to development.

Corresponds to the hardware of the game after the change Kinect, manufacturers say that most should be in after the 2011 spring 

So probably have to wait until the spring of 2011, to an insight into the Knect of real value.


In fact, the end of the year for the sale of mostly families of the game is the main attack, the lack of the core to the game.

However, since the spring of 2011, the core of the game will be on stage

Manufacturers also said that the popularity of a XBOX game, also to Kinect debut edition of the new work identity.

In other words, before spring of 2011, is not experience the true power of Kinect.



XBOX360 from Kinect treatment to deal with

Kinect specifications, in fact after some twists and turns. Microsoft most recently started 2009E3,

Kinect to Project Natal's name was published, Kinect take all the recognition processing.

At the time that the slightest burden almost no CPU.


However, Microsoft gave developers Kinect development kit

Identification of some of the CPU is used XBOX360-based software processing.

Because of this, dealing with a very heavy burden, in the initial version, XBOX360's three CPU,

Will be occupied almost one out. Although this spring, because the library has improved as a result, occupancy drop

But the computational load remains.



At that time, on such a case, Microsoft's position is

"Although much CPU load is true, but creative games to play, should be able to make up."

But for developers, CPU performance is limited by the harsh,

Furthermore there is recognition accuracy, latency and other issues in the development Kinect game is a very difficult challenge.


In fact, in recognition to deal with the XBOX360 console when

KInect game must be downgraded below the normal level of 360 games,

Particularly during the development kit has just come out of the relationship between the game industry have criticized the

"Using Kinect, XBOX360 and Wii games have become a grade."

Although an exaggeration, but do issue a general level of Kinect 360 game very difficult game indeed is a fact.


But Microsoft is easy to set a universal price, with the software processing is inevitable.

Originally North America is set to 99 dollars, Japan is set to ¥ 9,800 as the target.

In fact, Japan's Kinect Microsoft Web site does have marked off for the 9800 yen,

But then updated that 9800 was a mistake, and then all changed to 14,800 yen,

But also from that point, you can find the original estimated price of Microsoft.


Kinect processing unit re-equipped

XBOX360 deal with Microsoft to promote the identification Kinect when

Kinec hardware processing solution also continues to develop,

But with the 2009 E3 show different, 2009 E3 using a more expensive processing units,

It is said that if the specifications with the 2009 E3's direct sale price may be as high as 199 dollars.


Equipped with processing units and XBOX360 simultaneously,

Not only reduce the computational burden, but also better recognition results, costs less than full hardware processing,

So Microsoft was also developing the treatment program.

Microsoft eventually change the hardware specifications of the reasons we do not know, but definitely difficult to

development Kinect game have a relationship.


Eventually, Microsoft Kinect body with a processing unit, can do do first degree of processing.

The chip than the 2009 E3 show lower cost, can handle 360's CPU part of the first operation,

Can drop very low CPU occupancy, although not to 0, but not affect the game level,

So said an industry source.


However, an increase in the Kinect processing unit and memory chips, the costs inevitably rise,

Chip costs, testing costs, etc. The total add up the total price increase to 149 U.S. dollars.


Now why do not express Microsoft's E3 review the price very clearly.

Clearly, software processing version of 99 U.S. dollars, half hardware processing version of 149 dollars,

Microsoft in June to choose when, to look at E3's response to make a decision.



Development of the Gospel, marketing nightmare

The game developers to be good news, because the software version of the Kinect game development identification difficult,

This change will increase the number of Kinect game.


But it is a nightmare on the marketing, high-priced 149 dollars players make you want to put off.

Worse still, the starting lineup is weak, that this price is very reasonable starting the game less

And because the development of specifications change caused confusion, so starting the game fewer,

Also lack the core players of the game attracted.


For this reason, Microsoft Kinect to succeed, we must find ways to overcome the initial difficulties.

To clean up the development of hardware change caused confusion

Pushing the development of new Kinect game, and to increase the penetration rate of Kinect.

If successful, Kinect will be able to send will charm and popularity of the game will be positive corresponding increase.

If that fails, Kinect finished.

Microsoft is now facing challenges.

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They really have no choice to release their version of motion control to stay competitive.

They have nothing to worry about whether Kinect would have staying power. It will... go into the next Box.

So they did end up adding in an onboard processor to take the load of off the 360 cpu? If that is the case I don't mind the higher price, I would rather it have its own processor.

I couldn't understand much of that.

Does Kinect have a separate CPU or no?

What was the reasoning for puting $149 instead of $99?

lol I got banned for stating kinect would be 150$ at the time some tought it would be from 50 to 79$ lawl

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Slimebeast said:

I couldn't understand much of that.

Does Kinect have a separate CPU or no?

What was the reasoning for puting $149 instead of $99?

It costs close to 150 and MS doesnt want to lose all the profits they've been making with 360 in the last few years just in case moves a lot of units. Thats what I read in a article on N4g a few months ago.

Slimebeast said:

Does Kinect have a separate CPU or no?

yes but we don't know how good until spring 2011

well, they can stilll slash the price if needed

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