PSP being phased out in Australia?

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darkknightkryta said:

I think Sony's prepping another revision of the hardware and maybe a new store model (Layout of games in stores and such maybe a whole new Greatest Hits line).  We'll find out next week at TGS. On a related note the video rental store up here in Canada, a pretty big one, cleared out everything PSP for half price.

PSP4000's a dead cert imo.  I think that's their holding plan for the next year, as well as a renewed focus on DD releases (though without Go as the centerpiece).

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For a console that has been really succesful in terms of sales, the software sales are so poor, unseen.

Think for yourself, question authority

it's time sony announced psp 2. 

this is a good thing.

Not a 360 fanboy, just a PS3 fanboy hater that likes putting them in their place ^.^

It's pretty sad considering that PSP has had one of its best years game wise. Peace Walker, VC2, Ys, KH: Birth by Sleep and incoming God of War. Pretty solid line-up.

Well I still see people using the PSP as a MP4 player when they ride train to work in Melbourne, which is still pretty cool considering the size of the monitor it's got. 

I have touched my 1000 for AGES.....

Hope PSP2 is compatible with PS2 games! that will be epic