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Yah I'm sure there has been a couple of these threads before, but th lets have an add each other to facebook (as a friend thread) real name on FB is Danny Piazza, add me if you feel like and I'll accept (gotta love Bacardi, it brings out the humanitarian in people).

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You do realise that when you go to bed and wake up later you will be wishing you never put that.


I have jsut noticed i have been posting in all your threads without even realising it.

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why;d i give my real name and fb account to all the strangers on this site?

jonager said:

why;d i give my real name and fb account to all the strangers on this site?

why would you make a FB account in the first place?

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Daniel Christian Suriel that's my name on there. I will only approve people from VGCHartz though .

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Meh. Mine is linked on my profile page...if not...I'm too lazy to go to the site right now. :[

ah Facebook the Devil's address book, and one of the best ways to get your identity stolen...

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you will never guess my real name!

O-D-C said:

you will never guess my real name!

And you'll never spell mine correctly:

Abul-Fadl Nadr al-Atrabulusi

Fun! I you want a friend from Brazil, mine is Franco Lazzuri :)

PSN: franco-br
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