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Hello everyone.

 Just wanted to drop by and inform everyone a few changes and ideas for the Prediction League. I know we have another one or two, but I wanted to start a new one.

A few notes:

The issue with the league(s) closing quick has been resolved. A computer I was using was too old to really work on the prediction league, and some of the buttons didn't work.

Official Information:

New J-prediction leagues for Weekly Challenges will be updated/uploaded every Thursday or Friday for the next week. This will allow time to confirm the next week's releases, and which holdovers I will select. Obviously I can't be perfect with selections, but we'll try to do a good job with them.

Current Games:

Monthly American Predictions - These will stay the same as they always have. We'll select a top 10 s/w + top 5 h/w each month. But Im adding 3 new American games coming soon.

Japanese Weekly Predictions - As you might of noticed, this week's was slightly different. There is no Xbox 360 for now. It's numbers are about 1/5th of the PS2, and its numbers are rather predictable for most people. It WILL comeback as a weekly contender in the future, when major 360 relases are slated for Japan, and the PS2 numbers drop. The other option is if the PS3 drops to 10k then I would put the 360 in there.

New & Upcoming Games:

Japanese Monthly Prediction: Similar to the American side, we will predict for the entire month(s) using a similar NPD format for 4-5 weeks. For May, I will launch it soon featuring all of may + Golden Week in April for maximum fun!

Japanese Yearly Prediction: This will start shortly once I can get a solid calendar of major games for the year in Japan (if anyone wants to post some big ones, let me know). For This year Im thinking:

Wii Sports, Wii Play, FFXII:RW, MGS4, DMC 360+PS3 combined, Lost Odyssey, DQ Swords, and DQ IX if we can confirm a good date. I need more sugguestions to fill it up. For h/w, we'll do PS3,PSP,DS,Wii and 360 for the year. The close date will be in June or July, allowing for almost 2 months of predicting before its done.

American Monthly Top 20: I got the idea from TheSource's prediction thread(s). Each month, I will do a top 10 and top 20. The top 20 will cover #11 through 23, and include 12 software titles and 3 hardware titles (GBA, GC and PS2). This will launch the same day and cover the same timeframe as the top 10.

American Quarterly Top 10: One big thing I wanted. It'll cover 3 months of NPD madness. Typically, I'll chose major titles releasing within the next 2 months of the 3 months + maybe 2-3 holdovers. Should be alot of fun. However, I will get this up very shortly, and the allowance of time will go from next week (just after the April Predict goes up) and will go through till early May, before NPD releases April numbers.

American Yearly Top 10: Something coming next week as well. Im blitzing everything shorly. However, the advantage with this is, we'll let the predictions go from April to June to allow people to vote, and cover what should be the top 10 games of the year.

Tier Ratio & Worldwide Challenge: Something that will start soon and go for about 2 months. This will be an end-of-year prediction to guess hardware sales on December 31st, 2007.  Also, we could do a tier ratio challenge in the US to predict the tier ratios of the big 5 systems for the end of the year with the worldwide challenge.

If you have any other ideas, let me know. Just post and let me know. Im going to do my best to make the league HUGE. NeoGAF has a large thread, and Im sure that we can easily out-do theirs

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

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thanks. seems perfect to me. good job.