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Michigan weather sucks. I'll still be in a snow covered dream in July.

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Michigan weather BLOWS...I lived in Grand Rapids last year...awful.

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DKII said:
They need to make the forecast channel update more than every 24 hours in order for this to actually be useful. ;>

Yeah, you're right. I just got my Wii online & love the new (to me anyway) channels.

But the forecast channel while cool updates too infrequently to be reliable as a quick weather check. Best used as a 5 day forecast.

Hell, the weather program I got with Yahoo messenger updates more frequently than this thing!

The news updates fairly quick so I would think the forecast would be at least hour by hour.

Still I'm loving my FINALLY online Wii! So cool to see internet through your Wii & write web-based e-mails to your people!

And real-live weather changes in game are ALWAYS cool. Who saw Madden using that feature?! Animal Crossing Wii will take on a brand new meaning now (the GC version seemed to eerily match the real weather most of the time too)

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I see this as a continuation of this, albeit more interesting and engaging. 

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