What do you think the specs are for the Nintendo 3DS?

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Theres been lots of comparisons graphics wise with a few of the games and footage shown at E3.  Lots of rumours of talk about the specs being close to the 7th gen Consoles.

So far theres not much info execpt with whats on the outside:

3.53 in WS LCD Display with 800x240 resolution.  Some cameras (640x480 0.3 megapixel res), wifi hardware, input controls and speakers and the standard fare stuff.  Dont know why they're being so secretive, it even seems the developers who are signed up making games are under order to keep it quiet.  Lots of talk of a powerful handheld system.

I remember listening to  1 developer state that there is a dedicated memory for the graphics, but thats about it.

I'm a little tech savvy, but I'm no engineer.  So any educated guesses?  Intellectual, oh hell even biased guesses would be welcome. 

The question I pose is, what do you think is in the handheld wonder that is the 3DS?  What do you think would be needed to run these great games in 3D with the added UI inputs and stuff.  Whats out there now technology wise do you think Nintendo would use for their upcoming product.  Guess away.

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