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Thoughts about the new vgchartz

I really like it 14 7.14%
I like some things and do... 38 19.39%
I really don't like it 144 73.47%
I don't care 0 0.00%

Lets get some feedback from everyone and their thoughts on the new vgchartz.

Me personally, I like some things and don't like other things.
I like the new vgchartz hub and the whole idea of bringing together 4 sites that each provide a different aspect of the gaming scene. I also like how your one account carries over to all those sites which really help to foster a good community between them. The hub and its minimal activity feed of each site looks great and is a great idea.

I don't like the new look of the vgchartz website. It just doesn't seem to have the clean and consolidated areas that it used to have. Its not horrible but I am not a huge fan and kinda miss the old look already. Also don't really like the fact that the game pages are hard to find and they don't allow commenting anymore. I had to go to software totals to find a list of games. Maybe it will grow on me but as it stands I could see the homepage of vgchartz getting a revamp. Not likely any time soon though  :)

Finally I seem to be having some browser issues with Firefox and the new vgchartz. For example when clicking on an article it seems to strip out all css for some reason?

*edit: sorry I just realized that this was put into the 'sales discussion' section by accident. I just clicked the 'Forum' link off of the new vgchartz and then started a new thread since I didn't see any like this. Then I realized when clicking the forum button that there were other sections. Sorry still getting used to the new look/layout...

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I don't like it,I cant even tell what the sales are since they're rounded up =(

I like to look of the new site and the new features it has. But I really have a strong distaste for the whole 4 wesites connected by a hub thing. This is a website. Not a 3D Mario game.

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 Running at higher resolution and looks much smoother than before.

Display pictures now look much more cleaner and crisp.


Everything else, sorry.

They really need to make the sales more colourful; with 2.0, each console had its own colour and the game titles and whatnot corresponded to that. Now its just grey and dull. 

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mehh  why change a good thing.  to much like other forums.

I'm not a fan of the new layout either.  I found things very easy to access from the older layout, and everything was right there.  Now I have to click certain sections in the hub to get to something, and then click somewhere else to see what I want.  Seriously, I use the site for charts and news, and only briefly look at everything else.  It was nice to have everything in its own panels, like in the older version.  I may not come here as often now.

so far i dont like it 

i feel so lost 

but maybe I'll get used to it in a couple of days 

but for sure i loved the way it was b4 so why change it ?

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I'm not happy with the new layout.  It's not as easily usable as 2.0 and usibility is far more important that aesthetics in interface design...

It could get some getting used to, its good and it seems faster.

The GamrConnect part looks very XBOX'y, I like the color per se, but not that it makes me think about the XBOX (don't even have one...)