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FF13 ps3 vs 360 sales pt 2

it was better off with sony 235 67.14%
it was a good move to go multi plat 115 32.86%

So awhile before ff13s release I asked you all how the sales would be between the two consoles. So as you can see the ps3 dominated the 360 in ff13 sales (no whining about japan..sales are sales) so my question is should SE be happy or should they have left it on the ps3?

Note- crisis core(psp) has sold more than the 360 ff13 and this is a hand held that has been referred as "dead" or "dying" for some time now.

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why wouldn't they be happy?
they just sold at least 1M units more than they would have if the game was exclusive to Sony's PS3.

there not going to sell more then they normaly would because its on two platforms

Hmm, I guess, to be honest, if they kept it on the PS3, it COULD have sold more, due to the hypetrain, but as soon as they dropped the 360 bomb, the train derailed and the haters emerged from the wreckage, some of them boycotting the game and/or Square Enix entirely, lol...

So I mean, Square Enix should be happy that they've sold so many copies so far, but truth be told, there was always the possibility that keeping it exclusive would merit more sales...

yes but crisis core did not come out when the PSP was considered "Dead". Dissidia did well too, and that was last year. I consider the PSP somewhat dead for me, is because no games have come out that were interesting recently other than SE games or Sony Games.

But, It's ahead of IX and XII in combined sales 6 weeks in and it's already passed ffIx western sales. The PS3 nor Xbox 360 is near as dominant as the PS1 or PS2.
Also, I do not know the deals it had, such as if Sony paid SE to have exclusivity in Japan, or Microsoft Paying SE for the West, or If Microsoft paying for commercials. I do not know what is true, as I've heard people say that , but with no evidence.

It's impossible how much it would have sold on the PS3 were it exlusive. as there's nothing that's similar to compare to what it would have sold. Just like it's impossible
to say how much it would have sold were it Xbox360 exclusive. (As I have both consoles and would have bought it on that, I just bought the superior version.) Granted these numbers would suggest that would be a bad idea.

But if you're playing hypotheticals is another question. How much would it have sold if it were on wii? I dunno either, And I'm glad it wasn't on wii.

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with sales like this on ps3 S-E should happily keep FFv13 exclusive

It sold more than a million on the 360, that's more than most games sale and more than enough to cover the costs. Why shouldn't they be happy?

of course it sold more becuase its multiplatform not everyone with a 360 has a ps3 simple as that who in there right mind wouldnt buy a game due to it being multiplatform almost every other game from everyother developer is i dont know why square enix is taking so much shit for it

Sales (excluding Japan):-

PS3: 1.78m
360: 1.14m

hmm.... not sure if SE made the right decision not keeping it a PS3 exclusive........

tibisor said:
why wouldn't they be happy?
they just sold at least 1M units more than they would have if the game was exclusive to Sony's PS3.

Yes and No, Those who bought it for the 360 but owned both consoles, would have had to bought it for the Ps3 if it was still exclusive, It may have even boosted hardward for the Ps3 if it was still exlcusive, but yes overall it did boost, just thought id point that little bit out