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I just want everyone to be aware about whats going on. There is some chain message going around in the PSN. It could be dangerous so delete it. This is what the articale saids;



Users on the PlayStation Network have been reporting some serious issues regarding PlayStation Network code generator websites, these generator websites have reportedly hacked into people's personal info through PSN. Unfortunately, our Ironstar comrade Dom Guerrera was a victim of this new attack against PlayStation Network users. In his situation a credit card stored on his account was charged around $350 worth of PlayStation Network content that he didn't authorize. There has been a slew of chain letters circling around the PlayStation Network with links to these code generator websites; it is believed that these websites are loop hole hacks to obtain your personal information, opening them could be dangerous. Inside of the chain letter reported to effect your PlayStation Network account there is a link to a code generator website for "free" PlayStation Network content. Details on this situation are still coming in, we have contacted Sony for a response.


If you believe you have opened one of these tainted messages immediately do the following:
  • Delete your credit card information off of your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation website.
  • Change your email and password for your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation Network website.
  • Contact Sony PlayStation customer service 1800-345-7669, also contact your credit or debit card customer service representative.
  • Check your email tied to your PlayStation Network account for suspicious purchases.
As a precaution to these unknown hacks on against PlayStation Network users we recommend that you:
  • Delete any random chain messages, even if they are from friends. There is a way to view a small segment of messages sent to you on the PlayStation Network. If you suspect a message to be a chain letter containing the hack view the message (WITHOUT OPENING IT) by pressing (x) twice on the sent user's profile.
  • Block users who send you chain messages.











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Lol i got a few of these messages i did not even pay attention to them, deleted them

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Getting a bit paranoid aren't we ? you can't hack an account through PSN messages.

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they hacked that guys account and bought a lot of stuff, but they didn't change his password to prevent him from stopping them? - that doesn't make much sense

omg *deletes psn account* phewww...
o wait...

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wait what?
this is phising not an attack people.

its more like "Idiots under attack"

but i know a solution for anyone who has become a victim of these criminals, all i need is your PSN login and password and i....

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under attack?.... err no bit OTT.

if u click the link and enter your details you will be hacked...aswell as fucking stupid lol

LOL... Wow the Internets is New!!! Man, I thought people knew that if ppl requested accounts and passwords details then it's a scam. Sony will even state they will never ask for your password. It serves people right for being naive. Like the old saying goes... "If it's too good to be true, then it is!"

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