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when you do, please post here and give your impressions

@everyone defending it

TRY IT FIRST BEFORE going all "its subjective" on me.


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Just Dance will proberly be the wii's equvilent of Guitar Hero. Though people always hate on somthing. You can't enjoy every game nor can you love all the popular games. So move on

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You know my experience with the game has been about as equally depressing haha. It's really not much of a game. However, working at Gamestop every person that I've talked about it that has bought it and played it seems to love it. Obviously almost 90% of them are females, but the absolutely love the game. Actually the game is pushing sales of other dance games such as DDR because they want more like it (even Karaoke as well). I always have to ask why they like it, and the majority answer is they get to listen and dance to music they like with friends and family around.

Now as I said, I didn't think must of the game and really thought it was quite poor, but I think we can all relate to that sentiment. I'll say it pretty truthfully that I think the Guitar Hero and Rock Band setup is dull and overused and really a silly way to express musical notes and rhythms. Even moreso, I'm really not good at playing it (smaller hands and carpals tunnel slows me down). But why do I like playing them, and will be getting Green Day Rock Band. Well I get to listen and sing to music I like, and at least for once in my life I get to feel like I'm somewhat of a rockstar. And even though I'm not amazing at it, it's not about getting high scores for me.

I think this is how people feel about Just Dance and its something we can all relate to. It's not about playing a perfect game or being the best, but just having fun with something you are enjoying and having fun with. And if I think people look at it that way, they'll think a little higher of the people enjoying it. Don't think of the developers too highly, because they could have done a much better job, but at least understand why they are enjoying it just like for my reasons of enjoying the GH and RB games despite being silly when you think about it.

Severance said:
you're a noob , give room for pros like these people

HAHA that was cute

Random Person B said:
now you know how your mom felt watching you play video games all those years.

This Random Person is the great winner here.


Games are made to people have fun with then, they don't need to have any kind of challenge to be enjoyed by someone.

Doesn't matter if the game read your movements, if it is fun, it's ok.


And i'm not defending this game i would give it a 0.0 instead of your 0.002.

I'm just saying that there are people that like this kind of game.

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This thread could easily be finished, buuuuut is going and going. Imagine if I go to a literature board and open a thread about how shitty are those damn books of Twilight and New Moon, What's the point? ate the end is isnt going to change to opinion of the million that bought that kind of TP.

As soon as Lady gaga is announced for Just Dance 2, I'm sure leo-j will be first in line to purchase it

Right now, you guys are experiencing what us old timers experienced when the young ones really loved Metal Gear Solid.

Couldn't they see that the story was ridiculous, that there was hardly any game in there, and that was WAS there was very sketchy on the design side of things?

Instructional videos for dancing have been around and been popular before. That they're now on a games console is not going to hurt anyone.


Have you ever noticed how two people who are born in a similar place and time can have opposing reactions to the tastes of certain foods? When you hate a food that someone else enjoys does that mean that there taste in food is bad, or is it just a sign that the world is full of a vast number of people each with their own personal tastes?


Leo-J, I can understand you not liking the game. I can understand you hating it. But I think it's a very grave mistake to think others are stupid for liking what the game has to offer. I'll therefore offer a small explanation to what seems to you to be weird and stupid behaviour.

Non-gamers often have very little sense of how rigid the rules in games really are. In a game you can never do anything that is against the rules of the game, and you can never go beyond them either. Most games are built on you learning the rules and then exploiting them, or using them. In stealth games for examples, you quickly learn when the enemy can see you and when they can't, and use that to your advantage, making you feel really good about yoruself. A non-gamer would not understand the rules beneath the surface, and would be slightly confounded at what's happening instead.

Just Dance's the rules seem to be rather lax and imprecise, which annoys you as a gamer. The Non-gamers, being new to the rigid rules of gaming, finds this absolutely charming instead. Since the understanding of the rules is lacking, the lax and imprecise rules instead seem inviting and friendly. Instead of looking at it as a game, with all the preconceptions we all have about that term, they see something that grades your dancemoves.

For them, it isn't as much about how they interact with the game as how the game interacts with them. And it's telling them to dance, how to dance, and that they are succeeding in doing so. THAT is not something they have ever experienced before, so it's a new and happy feeling to do it. Not to mention that they probably enjoy to dance, and that they love watching their friends go at it as well.

So, in short, the system of rules that make up games scare non-gamers away, while it offers great opportunities for you. When that system is broken up, you feel lost but the non-gamer feels at home. Plus, they probably enjoy dancing more than you think you do.

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