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numbers for the PS3 are certainly impressive, hail to you SONY

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I just noticed...

This week, GTA: San Andreas (PS2) outsold GTA4 (360).

What the...?

^ LOL! Sure SA was good and all, and GTA4 was crap.. but still. Thats some crazy shizznit!

Heavy Rain legs makes me smile xD

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Week ending 14 March 2009
Others Hardware:

PS2: 57,671

Week ending 13 March 2010 (FF13 launch)
Others Hardware:

Xbox 360: 57,151

huh ...

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wow at ps3 sales, 40k between it and the wii, go ps3!! Meanwhile Nintendo and MS should be very worried right now

it's the future of handheld


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Do you think the ps3 is making a big comeback I mean it did sell 1 mil in just 3 weeks
Shortages are just fuking it up right now
Damn PS2 doing good buddy I have the Fat ps2 good times!

Its funny seeing all the consoles so even, I don't really remember it ever really being like this.


Wii outsells the PS3 by 40k. PS3 outsells the 360 by almost 50k. Next week should be interesting. PS3 should win the sales week over the Wii and outsell the 360 by over 100k with the launch of God of War III. God of War III should break the 1 million sales barrier in its launch week. 500k copies of God of War III will be sold in NA alone.

Nintendo must be really 'worried'.



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