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yea it seems some 360 games were way off, fifa was right on, wii play was right on, zelda was very close, guitar hero wii was very close.

guitar hero on ps3 must be less than 116k i guess since it's not on there.

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And what about Guitar Hero III?

Am I wrong or this makes the PS2 the best selling version? With the 360 tracking that one, and the Wii not as far as it first seemed?

From that list:
- PS2 . 503k;
- 360 . 491k;
- Wii . . 286k;
- PS3 . 106k;

Compare with VGC:
- 360 . 799k / +59%;
- Wii . . 271k / -5%;
- PS2 . 255k / -49%;
- PS3 . 113k / -6%;

Edited to update with numbers obtained from SimExchange, and compare to VGC.

Reality has a Nintendo bias.

We still need to add the canadian sales. ioi expected his sales to be 5-15% higher than the sales of NPD.


Well here more data from TheSimExchange:

Final Fantasy: 98,100

Ratched & Clank: 74,500

Project Gotham Racing: 38,300

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PC) :18,600

Sorry just ben that I posted before you. :(
Anyways does anybody know if in the guitar hero sales do they count the number of optical discs sold or the discs+guitar. Because if they count the bundle and Vgchartz uses the optical disc sales there could be some difference. Anybody knows?

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R&C bombed big time.

yea it seems that the sources ioi is using is favoring 360 sales. Ace combat didn't make the top 10. Halo, guitar hero on 360, and orange box all overtracked.

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Amazing... VG spot on for *most* hardware (360 = anomaly?) - but the software is just *completely* wrong.

Pretty disappointing actually.  50% error on GHIII (360) - partially caused by dodgy hardware figures.

Wii isn't *that* far behind the 360 after all (in GH3 sales).

Software *in general* has been MASSIVELY overtracked.

--> Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (PSP) 161,479

    --> couldn't have sold more than 110k (closer to 100k you would think)

Same with Ace Combat.

No PS3 software in the top#10. Wii hardware outsells PS3 by almost 5:1.


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Wow at Wii numbers, that really is a huge increase compared to last month. 360 is actually pretty good, although it is over tracked by this site quite a bit. Still they did over 90k a week and including the other parts of the Americas it must be above 100k per week for October. PS3 numbers are once again far from impressive, although on a weekly basis it is up by around 25% compared to last month. But the numbers don't support the earlier claim from Sony about selling 75k units in the last week of this NPD period.

PS2 still seems to hold the Guitar Hero III crown, considering both versions combined sold around 500k. Halo 3 dropped faster than I had expected, Orange Box sales are lower than expected based on this sites numbers and Brain Age 2 is already showing its legs.

About GH3 you must consider we must add the canadian sales and those are only from the package with guitar. I think ioi has game without and with guitar combined.