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March 18th has been missed out, all predictions are still 0%.

Wii - 3348 5602 9364 2110

Mario Kart - 0474 1321 9262

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Yes, sorry about that - will get it sorted in the next day or two!

and while at it, is it not possible to predict for march america? 15 days left till the actual figures and closed already???

Why closing the predictions fro 1st April on the same day??? Not many people will be entering the competition if you close it so soon!!!

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i afraid to ask the same question since spitfire got banned (hopefully for something different) but can't you give us more time to predict for japan. it opened today (as far as i can tell) and it's also closing today. For a guy in vacation like me, it's fine, but for most of us?


edit: i just looked at spitfire's post and mine is less... angry... but i haven't seen an answer. i'll keep looking. 

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I PMed ioi about trying to figure out how to edit when the prediction league can open/close. Im not sure if there's an issue with the system...


The goal is to have the league open on Friday, and close on Tuesday night/Wednsday morning before Famitsu reports anything. Heck, I haven't even put my predictions in :-p

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that would be perfect