Can Final Fantasy 13 overthrow Modern Warfare 2 as the biggest launch?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can Final Fantasy 13 overthrow Modern Warfare 2 as the biggest launch?

Does this game have the potential to be the biggest entertainment launch of not only Q1 but all of entertainment? 

I think it'll come close but God of War 3 is gna get in its way a bit, different crowd prob but styll once the hype roll starts it can even change the non believers to believers.


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Maybe if it can sell 8 mil+ in one week...

FF XIII's launch will be big but FF doesn't have that kind of appeal.



Even if no single game was released for anything starting today, no. It has nothing to do with the quality of either game though.

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No. No, it cannot. It can't even come anywhere near close. The LIFETIME sales of Final Fantasy XIII will likely never match the WEEK ONE sales for Modern Warfare 2.

FF13 would be lucky to have a LTD half of MW2's.

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FFXIII would be lucky to even come close to selling half as well as Modern Warfare 2 lifetime, let alone selling that much at launch in America.

Frankly, I doubt it'll sell 3-4 million at launch.

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As much as I want it to, it just won't happen. JRPGs aren't as mainstream as shooters, not even close.

I don't think so, even if it's a big franchise like Final Fantasy JRPGs aren't doing really good in the western market.