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    < Nintentacle posted something on fillet's wall:

    It's been 6 months. You could make a new account and ask a mod to unban you or something.

    < AZWification posted something on fillet's wall:

    Almost 3 months left.

    < fillet updated his status:

    Back in 6 months or so....

    I'll mark my calendar.

    on 24 June 2013


    on 24 June 2013

    This is very strange.

    on 25 June 2013

    < spurgeonryan posted something on fillet's wall:

    Should be able to push out 100 million domestically as well.

    My bad, your not pezus.

    on 15 June 2013

    np mate

    on 15 June 2013

    < amp316 posted something on fillet's wall:

    I just wanted to say that I am impressed at the improvement of your behavior. Now don't make me look silly and get banned soon.

    Thanks mate, your comment is much appreciated :) I'm pretty sure I'll not make you look silly anytime soon, again cheers for noticing and taking time to say that, respect to you.

    on 13 May 2013

    Sadly looks like it happened, least it is not a major ban.

    on 18 May 2013

    to late lol

    on 18 May 2013


    on 19 May 2013

    Oh dear :( I'm sorry am316....gutted, nearly 3 months, still an improvement from every other week so I'll try build on that, haven't checked why I got banned yet but expect it was the "passionate" posts in the EA/Wii-U thread...hmmm lets have a look... :S

    on 21 May 2013

    Just seen it was for the reference to the defensive posts as a collective in that thread using the term nintendo defense force in reference metaphorically to the SDF. Well, I'll take that ban as fair game and I suppose it was deserved, really didn't mean it to be offensive but as I outlined in response to axumblade who enacted the ban, it's best to keep things intellectual so hopefully a lesson to myself for the future.

    on 21 May 2013

    *shakes head*

    Well, keep trying.

    on 22 May 2013

    Gbye Amp. We will miss you.

    on 15 June 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on fillet's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:

    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:

    Star Wars episode 7,8,9 & sides Thread:

    < fillet updated his status:

    Now celebrating over 2 months without any bans...wooohooooooooooooooooooooo

    < Marucha posted something on fillet's wall:

    Shark!.... (Sorry, was too easy)

    *read mod thread*

    Not sure what you mean mate?

    on 03 April 2013

    I was reading your old names and thinking little fishy, but you opened up about your actions :P I thought it was more like a shark lol... but only as a joke, non-serious

    on 03 April 2013

    lol, nah I know...strangely enough I think one of my names was fishydishy!!!! or fishy-something...can't quite remember, there was defo another after filletofish...hmm...I expect a decision is being made between the mods if I'm to receive the boot shortly as not heard back.

    Still, it felt wrong carrying this secret around...hey ho we will see :)

    on 03 April 2013

    I'm not a big fan of fish...not sure where the marine based usernames came from :/ :D

    on 03 April 2013

    I was wondering why you like fish so much lol. I think I remember you posting a little when I was lurking. I don't see you that much now. Actually, I remember thinking you were probably an older user and kinda always made that assumption I guess...

    on 03 April 2013

    haha yeah well I'm a bit wierd, wouldn't deny that...guess that comes with age, no need to conform :p

    on 03 April 2013

    < JoeTheBro posted something on fillet's wall:

    I've looked into it and can't find any reliable sources. Maybe it's just an urban legend.

    < Jay520 posted something on fillet's wall:

    Fillet said:

    "I got warned earlier for saying the Wii-U has the power of 3 Wiis taped together. I now revise that statement to 3 wiis 2 gamecubes and 1 nintendo game & watch."


    I thought it was quite a good comment, got banned for it but apparently it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Must be even less critical.

    on 14 December 2012


    on 14 December 2012

    < Andrespetmonkey posted something on fillet's wall:

    Why are you always so cranky?

    I get up too early.

    on 14 December 2012

    drink cahfee

    on 14 December 2012

    I do mate!!! After a while though it's more of a needed addiction to get down the stairs in the morning rather than a nice indulgence. Having said that just treated myself to a Philips Senseo as they are £40 at Argos at the mo and I get 10% off currently enjoying a "good" coffee. Although my love with coffee is a strange one, I've had numerous machines to make it but go off them all eventually....I think this one may be different as it doesn't take too much counter space in the kitchen and it won't be resented like a big unwelcome elephant like the other ones.

    ...Sorry that was a remarkably uninteresting post I just typed, but now you know. Besides I'm not that grumpy, I'm, just more of a critic, I find technology fascinating, but not strictly "playing games". I think those 2 areas can mix for debate....usually.

    on 14 December 2012

    < noname2200 posted something on fillet's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our community for the fourth, and likely last, Wii Secret Santa event! If you're interested, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by December 20th.

    Alternatively, if you're more into PC gaming at the moment, you can join us for VGChartz' third Steam Secret Santa event instead. Just PM me, or post in this thread:

    by the 20th.

    Either way, have a happy holiday season, and see you around the forums!

    < deskpro2k3 posted something on fillet's wall:

    You have something against me? To respond to my post and call my comparison ridiculous without backing up your claims is utter bullshit on your part. You should reevaluate your thoughts because the aspects of both cases share similarities. If you fail to see that I have nothing else to tell you.

    I'm sorry but seriously they are 2 totally different scenarios. In the case of Coke company dropping someone because they were drinking Pepsi. Well the facts are that the person definitely was under contract (hence they were "dropped"). The person was at that point in time still being used to promote the product, the person was promoting the product as themselves.

    With Jerry Lambert, he was not portraying "Kevin Butler", has not been used by Sony for over a year. Was not directly promoting a competitors product but was featured in an advert, very likely not under contract.

    ....Chalk and Cheese.

    on 07 October 2012

    < happydolphin posted something on fillet's wall:

    I like the new avi

    Where is that located? Australia?

    on 29 June 2012

    oz strah lia

    on 24 September 2012


    on 24 September 2012

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