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    Yoshi's Epic Yarn announced for WiiU

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 September 2014 by Proxy-Pie

    Yarn Yoshi! :)...

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    I am going to play every N64 game~ First recording finally! Banjo Kazooie, my first trial attempt in OP and thread.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 September 2013 by spurgeonryan

    akuseru said:Necrobump... How is the progress in your quest my friend? Actually finally got my player to work. Pinaccle studio 14 is garbage, but I found out how to record on windows movie maker.   Started with Banjo, but I will go back and record some of the other games I have already played and beaten.   I hate starting out with Banjo being the only one who can run....

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    The Wii U Is the Worst Gaming Console Ever Created?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2013 by Thaimasker

    Depends on what you mean by worst.... In terms of software? Nope look at virtual boy...and you can't really judge untill at the end of its cycle...I mean look the the PS3 in its first year and look at it now... In terms of hardware? obviously not...I enjoy it alot. and yeah @mikerox...tons of crappy consoles from 20 years ago that no one remembers....

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    Rate the Avatar above you.

    in General Discussion on 21 April 2013 by kain_kusanagi

    Andrespetmonkey said: 9/10 great art, good fit. edit: this was for spurge, but same applies so whatevz 10/10Emilia Clarke is a goddess, thanks for letting me look at her while visiting the website. Bonus points for her as a brunette, but better than super fake blonde....

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    Is Wii U Doomed?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 March 2013 by DieAppleDie

    No, it will be only a modest success, but it will sell shitloads of Nintendo games, making bilions for Nintendo....

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    Nintendo fans, Why do you hate Sony so much?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2013 by scottie

    PScollector said: scottie said:PScollector. Yes clearly, it is the rise of an extra, extremely profitable market for video game developers that video game retailers are going bankrupt. Lets say I am a coconut farmer. I usually grow coconuts and sell them for $1 each. It costs me $0.50 in fertilizer per coconut I grow. Now lets say a new market opens up, for coconut flavoured soft...

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    How can Nintendo gamers even talk about other system failing?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 February 2013 by Aielyn

    Mummelmann said:Blast from the past, been away for 8 days visiting my girlfriend in Sweden. Are you suggesting that the core and casual markets aren't separate or that there are so many markets that this is irrelevant, I'm having trouble deciphering your post. If you suggest the former, I must disagree strongly, you cannot suggest that Angry Birds and Gran Turismo 5 appeal to the same...

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    Let's be honest Nintendo's pricing for NES and SNES games is a rip off

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 January 2013 by prayformojo

    Do what I did. Buy an actual NES/SNES and own the real thing. It's a little more expensive but OH so worth it....

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    Microsoft could end up in 3rd place next-gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2013 by Wh1pL4shL1ve_007

    Nsanity said:Im surprised the OP blog hasnt made the front page of N4G. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

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    What's your favorite console/handheld of all time and why?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2013 by danasider

    IMHO, PlayStation 2 had the best library of any console.  There are too many games to list, but strong 1st party showings like God of War and Team Ico games coupled with an abundance of outstanding 3rd party games like MGS2, MGS3 and the GTA's made the system so accessable.  That and JRPGs were actually both groundbreaking and fun. I haven't bought many games for my PS3 (even though it...

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    WiiU - Lots of new Info - Same poor result. Why Nintendo Direct just confirms my fears.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 January 2013 by Hynad

    VGKing said: Hynad said: Wyrdness said: [quote]"Powerwise WiiU isn't significantly better than current gen system."[/quote] Err what? [img]http://www.abload.de/img/awajv0.gif[/img] [img]http://www.abload.de/img/amekbv.gif[/img] [img]http://www.abload.de/img/aturjs.gif[/img] The isn't a current gen game on PS3 or 360 in the same ball park as this with this sheer...

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    Wii U's coming year

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 January 2013 by snowdog

    I voted for Awesome, I've still got 2 x 2012 games I want to buy (Assassin's Creed 3 and Arkham City) that I want to buy before I start thinking about Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter 3G Ultimate, Pikmin 3, Lego City Stories, The Wonderful 101 and Aliens Colonial Marines...and then to make things even worse I'm pretty certain we'll any two of 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, X or Retro's new game before...

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    Today's Nintendo Direct completely changed my mind on Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2013 by Pavolink

    WindyCityHeat said:That list of games is not impressive.... No offense to everyone who claims to be "excited." PS4/720 incoming! Maybe you could make a list of those games on PS4/720 officially confirmed....

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    Only select Wamart locations will carry PS Vita games now?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 January 2013 by Mnementh

    chuckyj1 said:No way to spin this...It's bad news for the Vita. It is also a loss for all gamers. It's never a good thing when competition is watered down in any category. QFT...

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    Nintendo is silent for a reason

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 January 2013 by WagnerPaiva

    Nintendo Direct today, with tons o big games, for hardcore and casual alike. I guess this WILL DO the trick. Still, I will wait a little longer to buy one....

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    Why Nintendo is failing and will likely replace both of their consoles earlier than expected.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2013 by superchunk

    So today's revelation that Microsoft will have an "HDMI IN" on the neXtBox goes a long way to prove my hypothesis about MS's plans. MS is clearly focused as much on the full entertainment features as they are games. My opinion still stands too that if they are the only ones to really offer this, they will easily dominate. Expect a system where you're cable/sat connected to your xbox and...

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    Should the Wii U have been released 1-2 years earlier?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2013 by runqvist

    If this console were released in 2008, it would have been awesome....

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    Ps4 controller to include LCD touchscreen, biometric sensors?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 January 2013 by flagstaad

    VGKing said:Sounds like its still a controller you hold on your hands. It has grips. So there goes the "copying Nintendo" arguments. Wait what?.... How are you using the Wii U gamepad? I am 100% sure that it is to be "hold on your hands"....

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    I had a scary thought about the Vita.

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2013 by Dodece

    @wlakiz Actually I said nothing of the sort. A title being AA means that it was well received by critics, and garnered significant sales. That has never equated to a title being dirt cheap to make. It just means that it did well in spite of not having a incredibly large budget behind its development. It is actually harder for a AA game to exist on the Vita then it is for a AAA title to exist...

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    F-Zero less respect than Pikmin?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 January 2013 by spurgeonryan

    Extreme G is no where near F-Zero level! I can play Extreme G for maybe an hour. Then it is done. Way too fast in parts as well! Who could control a game going that fast? IMO Pod Racing for N64 and DreamCast was the perfect speed. You could still control what was going on and it was hella fast! I never could beat the original F-Zero. There was one track that I could never make it over a gigantic...

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