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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 2 hours ago by Jaicee

    Is not always cute. ...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago by Mnementh

    An interesting article about the generational gap regarding Biden amongst the black american community: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/younger-black-voters-to-their-parents-break-up-with-joe-biden-im-bored/ar-AAHA1jX ...

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    Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

    in Sony Discussion 7 hours ago by Keiji

    If that's the case I will buy the Pro. ...

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    Pornsite Usernames

    in NSFW Discussion 6 days ago by d21lewis

    VAMatt said: Who registers at porn sites anymore? I have a VR headset that lets me do all kinds of things when the video is downloaded. Zoom in, zoom out, adjust height, etc. Certain sites only let me download if I make a profile. But I guess you just don't take it as seriously as I do. Amateur. ...

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    House minority leader trying to blame video games for mass shootings. Update: Walmart pulls violent video game ads for 2 weeks

    in Politics Discussion on 29 August 2019 by Pemalite

    VAMatt said: Pemalite said: Australia has actually started to relax it's video game censorship rules, even overhauling the rating system.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Classification_Board#Adult_ratings_for_video_gamesBut the reason for the censorship is because the excessive violence, drugs, sex and so on wasn't deemed fit for children under a certain age, those same...

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    Worst director of all time?

    in Movies Discussion on 08 August 2019 by LMU Uncle Alfred

    Jpcc86 said: This is a mess of a list, you cant compare most of these people. Uwe Boll is by far - with almost no competition - the worst of them.Eli Roth, Emmerich, Snyder and Anderson have no business being in this list at all whatsoever. Theyve made shit films as well as cult classics, and a couple of them good films. Despite his reputation M Night is an oscar nominee as well as...

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    I have been extremely reluctant to continue coming here...

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2019 by Azzanation

    My main on World of Warcraft has killed over 400,000 Players.. i am not a killer, i am a slaughterer. ...

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    Who Should Run For President on the Democratic Side?

    in Politics Discussion on 27 March 2019 by Jumpin

    He’s a white man that is not old, fat, or ugly. That’s really all he has going for him from what I see =DWhile he has money now, I see him fizzling out fast. He lost to Ted Cruz in some election. How on earth can someone lose to Ted Cruz?!? Even Trump finds Cruz’s ass kissing to be repulsive. And Trump is a guy who PAYs people to kiss his ass (and then pays hundreds of thousands...

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    What is the most Dangerous Country in the World currently in 2019?

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019 by Jumpin

    I'd say Sweden, one of the cities is a disaster area, the most dangerous of which has an annual murder rate of 3.2 per 100,000! You know what that means, civilization has collapsed, no go, wild north!Granted, I have been limiting my information on Sweden to Fox news while completely ignoring the wonderful visits and time spent in University there =D...

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    Why did Jesus Christ sacrifice his self for you?

    in General Discussion on 02 March 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    potato_hamster said: Anyone who still believes there is a god out there who loves you and cares about you hasn't seen a loved one in the final stages of cancer like I just watched my mother endure and lose her life to. Her funeral is in two days, in a church, so I'll have to endure all of the praising and glorifying of an apparent loving god who ripped the life of one their supposed...

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    US Midterm Elections 2018- Dems take the House, GOP Keeps the Senate.

    in Politics Discussion on 21 February 2019 by cycycychris

    laughable that Harris would have no idea. Dowless has done this for several year to turn elections, and its an absolute embarrassment how Trump and the North Carolina Republicans have acted during this whole process. Calling it that Democrats are trying to steal the election, spreading misinformation.... Disgusting (and ironic). Hope Dowless spends a long time in prison, hopefully those withing...

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    Detroit: Become OFFICIAL

    in Sony Discussion on 30 January 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    from the interview: "Eight months following the release, we are closing in on 3 million units sold worldwide as an exclusive PS4 title. The game’s commercial performance has been particularly noteworthy in Japan and across all Asia". By the way: The game also got very high user scores. On Metacritic for instance, Detroit: Become Human has an 87 percent average user score. That was the 7th...

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    Should Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination Continue?

    in Politics Discussion on 28 January 2019 by Hiku

    Final-Fan said: Is it your position that smears against nominees in a confirmation hearing are more corrosive to the process than entirely blocking nominees from getting a confirmation hearing in the first place?  On that note, I think it would be a problem for the process if serious criminal accusations were ignored if it may stain someone's name. Though publicly outing the...

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    The reason why Nintendo will rule the world

    in General Discussion on 17 January 2019 by KLAMarine

    Switch is pretty cool. Smartphones have already conquered the world though......

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    What game do you wished for CHRISTMAS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 December 2018 by Nighthawk117

    Absolutely NOTHING. If I want something, I buy it. I don't hope someone gifts it to me. Christ, I can buy anything I want....and right now there's no game I want. There's nothing but crap out there. Bah humbug !!!...

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    5 years of PS4 - let's celebrate

    in Sony Discussion on 10 December 2018 by KazumaKiryu

    eastcoastrider said: The first console I ever bought at launch I was excited and have never ever been let down. Some of my all time favorite game experiences are now been on the PS4 such as Uncharted, Doom, BloodBorne, GOW, Spiderman, and so many more, what I felt most of all though was and is that Sony as much as it can has listened to the gamer's which in turn has allowed the management...

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    trasharmdsister12 (VGC's least known mod): Ask me anything!

    in General Discussion on 26 November 2018 by trasharmdsister12

    LGBTDBZBBQ said: A frog is talking shite about this board on other boards. https://vizioneck.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=f2beeb67f48681f1c6f8375edc2f4bb9&topic=4882.0 I appreciate the notice but please try to keep this thread on topic and use the report button or PMs for this sort of information. Thanks!...

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    I Want to Become a Minimalist

    in General Discussion on 25 November 2018 by Immersiveunreality

    I find it hard to not buy books,outside of that i do live minimalistic....

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    13 Dead in Shooting in Thousand Oaks California

    in Politics Discussion on 20 November 2018 by darkenergy

    The US doesn't really care about helping it's people it cares about making profits off at war. Hopefully with progressives like AOC in office she will force the US to give a damn about the people and the sit-in at Nancy Pelosi's office is just a start....

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    Which Devs Do You Wanna See Try Which Genres?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    Ayla said: melbye said: I have a developer working on a specific franchise, FROM Software making a Castlevania Oh yes. That will probably never happen though.  Same. Never thought of it at first. I should do a thread for which devs I'd like to see work on which franchises. Has Sora ever done anything besides Smash Bros.?...

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