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< curl-6 The Swapper and Art of Balance are 2 of the best Wii U games of the year, and nobody knows about the
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< tak13 posted something on curl-6's wall:

When do you see 1m 3ds in Australia?:P

Honestly I'm not even sure how many it's sold so far haha

12 hours ago

hahhahahhhahahahaahaha 700k as of august or september(Like ds,in the same time frame)and it should be at 800k now!:P.:P
3DS before ps4,was the fastest selling console in Australia!:P

6 hours ago

I didn't know that, wowzer. Guess handhelds aren't dead yet!

6 hours ago

< the_dengle posted something on curl-6's wall:

We really must stop doing this. The sexual tension is getting out of hand.

angry sex is the best sex ;)

on 09 December 2014

*adjusts pants uncomfortably*

on 09 December 2014

< tak13 posted something on curl-6's wall:

Ah!By the way,we thank you for giving us Iggy Azalea...:P

Haha, it's our apology for also giving the world Rupert Murdoch ;)

on 04 December 2014

HAHAHAHAHAHHAA!Well,my beloved curl-6 i wasn't joking for Iggy,i love her(Forgive me for this if you don't like her)!As for Rupert Murdoch,apology is accepted loooooool!What about kylie or Nicole kidman!Oh my gosh,austalia has produced many global stars!

on 04 December 2014

And me of course, I'm pretty awesome :p

on 04 December 2014

AHAHAHAHAHHHHHA!Oh yes,that's true!You are a globally known fortune teller.:P

on 04 December 2014

I could be the Australian Michael Pachter ;)
Where are you from btw?

on 04 December 2014

LOOOL You undermine yourself by saying this!From the country that Australia has many immigrants.
From the gorgeous Greece.:P

on 06 December 2014

Ah, Greece. :) I read once that Melbourne Australia has the second highest Greek population of any city in the world after Athens, haha

on 06 December 2014

lol!hahahaahahahhahaahahahaahaha!You may have read it on wikipedia!This was as of 2001 and might changed!so melbourne might be third after thessaloniki and not second!Where do you live?do you have any Greek friend?

on 06 December 2014

< curl-6 updated his status:

The Swapper and Art of Balance are 2 of the best Wii U games of the year, and nobody knows about them

I know about them.:P

on 02 December 2014

You're one of the enlightened few ;)

on 02 December 2014

< Slarvax posted something on curl-6's wall:

I'd bet you will lose a bet before 2015.

I only have one bet going at the moment, that Zelda U will be 720p. You reckon that'll be confirmed wrong in the next 4 weeks?

Or do you have a proposition for a new bet? ;)

on 02 December 2014

This is embarrasing... I meant 2016.
And I would like propose a new bet: FFV will not be localised.

on 02 December 2014

I would actually take that bet, except that I would bet that it won't be, hahah

on 02 December 2014

Oh man :(
But I really think you will lose the Zelda bet.

on 02 December 2014

I'll probably end up taking a few more bets in 2015, so I may indeed lose one before 2016. I only take best I'm confident I'll win though. ;)

on 02 December 2014

Which do you think was the riskiest?

on 02 December 2014

Of my bets so far? I dunno, they were all pretty safe. I bet that Zelda U and Xenoblade X wouldn't come out in 2014, that Watch Dogs would be worse on Wii U than on PS3/360, and that Zelda U will be 720p.

on 02 December 2014

You are going to lose this!I m certain hohoho!

on 02 December 2014

Oh we'll see about that :p
The secret to winning bets is not to base them on what you WANT to happen. ;)

on 02 December 2014

I will tell you a little secret!I m not sure,i just hope that you will lose it and it will be foor our good.:P Oh shit you have an awesome winning streak...!

on 02 December 2014

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Sony Pulls "The Interview" From All Theaters

in Movies Discussion 1 hour ago

MoHasanie said: animegaming said: the hackers said they got a big surprise on Christmas Day   my bet that its something very illegal that Sony Pictures has done that will lead to some firings and arrest if/when this gets out. Interesting. It could be, probably...

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Any Wii U owner gonna buy Project Cars I am

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

Veknoid_Outcast said: I'm actually more interested in The 90s Arcade Racer. Same here. Unfortunately it seems to be stuck in development limbo at the moment......

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Meme Run Wii U trailer is one of the most terrible things you will ever see in your life! Sony and Microsoft gamers will be scarred for life!

in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago

ktay95 said: curl-6 said: Haha completely off topic but this pic brings back memories. Used it in a powerpoint presentation in school about scuicide... it didnt go over to well, wasnt the goriest pic in the presentation either. On topic... I feel the same way about this game Was it included jokingly, or seriously? Cos I don't see any problem with highlighting...


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