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    < curl-6 Am I the only one who really loves Splatoon's campaign?
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    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Am I the only one who really loves Splatoon's campaign?

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Replaying Halo Reach. Awesome game. Still some of the best enemy AI I've seen.

    Yes! That AI is awesome. Some of the best I've encountered.

    on 11 July 2016

    Enjoy! :D halo is amazing.

    5 days ago

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    The Goldeneye Wiimake is one of the best FPS games of last gen in my opinion

    I didn't like it as much. It felt like a good modern version of the classic, but at the same time feels like some other FPSs (on Wii) were much better.

    on 30 June 2016

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    I know I can come across as a douche online, but don't worry, I am much worse in person ;)

    on 26 June 2016

    I don't think you come off as a douche at all. More like a jaded, negative Nintendo fan. =P

    on 26 June 2016

    Or as I like to call, sane :P

    on 26 June 2016

    < Hynad posted something on curl-6's wall:

    It is rather peculiar that you bash and dismiss the output of games made for non-Nntendo consoles, despite not playing most [if any] of them.

    I also dismiss the idea of eating snails without having tasted them. ;)

    on 25 June 2016

    How can you say how they taste then?

    on 25 June 2016

    I can't. I just know I don't like the idea of eating one.

    It's the snails I'm not giving a fair shot really. I gave AAA games a good 5 years before giving up, but snails never even got a chance. Ah well, more for the French.

    on 25 June 2016

    Usually, when you speak like that, what I read is: Sony and MS first party stuff. And I throw the CoDs and Ass Creeds of this world in the mix as well.

    I'm really glad I am platform agnostic, because I get to enjoy the best of all worlds. =P

    on 25 June 2016

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    Infinite Warfare Hate Is On The Rise- "Black Sky" Gameplay Video

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    NobleTeam360 said: The only Call of Duty that really deserves to be hated is Advanced Warfare :-D, every other CoD has been a great game imo and I expect Infinite Warfare to continue that tradition. Edit: Actually Ghosts was pretty trash too, so outside of AW and Ghosts the games have been good.  What in particular made AW and Ghosts so much worse than their peers?...

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    Best Halo campaign?

    in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

    Putting aside multiplayer for a moment, which (mainline) Halo game do you think had the best single player campaign, and what made it the best in your opinion?...

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    Any other Godzilla/kaiju enthusiasts here?

    in Movies Discussion 1 hour ago

    pokoko said: Whoa, wait, that was Satomi Ishihara in that Godzilla trailer.  One of my favorite Japanese actresses.  I did not know she was involved. Yep. :) Apparently she plays an agent working for the US....


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