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< curl-6 Fatal Frame is my game of the year so far
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< Hynad posted something on curl-6's wall:

< curl-6 updated his status:

Fatal Frame is my game of the year so far

Really? care to explain

2 days ago

Well, I'm a huge fan of the series and it's style, and using the Gamepad as a camera was fun.

2 days ago

I realy would like to play it myself, i snatched my self a copy for 60 bucks some weeks ago. Now i only need a wiiu, i have to see when the NX comes the price should heavily drop.

1 day ago

Yeah. It's kind of annoying that it still hasn't had a price cut.

1 day ago

< jason1637 posted something on curl-6's wall:

Nice fgast racing neo sig. Its an indie game im really hyped ofr.

Thanks. :) Yeah, it looks like the modern F-Zero I've wanted for years. Can't wait!

5 days ago

Yeah its been so long since ive played a gfame like f-zero. The day nintendo annouces a new fzero i think im gonna blow up.

5 days ago

11 years since the last F-Zero :(

5 days ago

11 long years

5 days ago

Even Wipeout is AWOL these days

5 days ago

I had a few wipout games on ps3 and i think 1 game on ps3. They were pretty fun. I heard another one is in development though.

5 days ago

As far as I know, the last Wipeout game was the Vita one in 2012.
Thery were working on a PS4 one, but it was canned when the studio was closed down three years ago.

5 days ago

That sucks since i was planning on picking up a ps4 next year. IDK about vita but ive been considering a pstv for a while.

5 days ago

Yeah sadly WipEout 2048 on Vita was the last game in the series before they closed the studio. Sucks because it was my first time playing the series and I loved it, its why Im really interested in Fast Racing Neo.

4 days ago

Yeah i hope the game is good

4 days ago

< tak13 posted something on curl-6's wall:


Welcome back honorable Aussie! :P

Gracias mate ;)

on 19 November 2015

< curl-6 updated his status:

Missed this place, missed you guys

Pretty sure we missed you more :P

on 16 November 2015

Welcome back anyways .. :P

on 16 November 2015

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NintenDomination - Twilight Princess HD has Wiimote + Nunchuk Support! Big Pokemon Annoucement in December! Black Friday Right Around the Corner - Nintendo eShop Discounts Announced!

in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

episteme said: me   Raichu I think this might be one of my favourite posts in VGChartz history. I'd forgotten all about those 3D World commercials! XD...

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Bold Prediction Wii U will have a true Animal Crossing game

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Miyamotoo said: curl-6 said: If we get Zelda, I will ultimately be satisfied with my Wii U as a purchase. However, if E3 is indicative of what they consider "satisfying" Wii U owners, then their words are hollow, nothing but another empty PR pledge. I am 100% certain that we are getting Zelda U, and like I said before to you, basically you don't have any reasons to have...

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Forbes: Wii U-Only Zelda Game Would be a Mistake

in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

Miyamotoo said: curl-6 said: Once you start improving the graphics to where people would be satisfied with it as a "next gen Zelda" you lose the advantage of reusing a lot of Zelda U assets, cos those won't cut it in 2020 or so when the NX Zelda comes out. Take MM 64 like example, definatly looks better than OoT 64 and have same engine, assests and models and runs on exatly...


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