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< fatslob-:O posted something on curl-6's wall:

This dude can't possibly win every bet ...

Oh I know, Curl has a time machine to go in the future to change the outcome. XD

*raises tinfoil hat*

Ssssshhhh, this wall is public, don't tell the others or they'll all want one :P

2 days ago

What was the bet?

1 day ago

The most recent was that I bet Watch Dogs on Wii U would be the worst version of the game technically.

My others were that Zelda Wii U and Xenoblade Chronicles X would not release in 2014, and I have one still pending where I bet that Zelda Wii U will run at a resolution of 720p.

1 day ago

< fatslob-:O posted something on curl-6's wall:

I concede ...

Let me find a funny pic that's not too cruel. No Beiber I promise.

2 days ago

So what does this mean now for the WII U ? Oh and uh thanks for not giving me a Beiber sig ? :P

2 days ago

For the Wii U, it means that Project CARS aside, (assuming that doesn't get cancelled) there won't be any more third party ports with the exception of stuff like Just Dance, Skylanders, or the LEGO games.
Tragic as it is, WD will be the system's third party AAA swan song.

2 days ago

I mean from a capability perspective ?

2 days ago

The way I see it, nothing we didn't already know; that it struggles a bit with tons of animations/AI/physics at once due to its low clocked CPU, but has the edge when it comes to graphics and memory.

2 days ago

< tak13 posted something on curl-6's wall:

lucky boy...on 21st of November

< curl-6 updated his status:

Just finished The Swapper. That freaking ending man, I'll be thinking about that one for a while...

< MohammadBadir posted something on curl-6's wall:

They've reallt outdone theirselves with FFV's graphics, or atleast the characters models.

Nice avy!

Thanks man.
Yeah Fatal Frame has always had well crafted graphics. :)

on 08 November 2014


on 09 November 2014

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Digital Foundry: Watch Dogs Wii U

in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

amusingthree93 said: Also, the wii u does not have features equivalent to directX 11. Nintendo was simply never interested in pushing the limits of technology. They tried to take the gimmick approach which worked so well with the wii. Yes, it does, a qualified developer has confirmed as much. I agree that Nintendo is not interested in pushing technological limits, you only have to...

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Digital Foundry: Watch Dogs Wii U

in Nintendo Discussion 6 hours ago

Captain_Tom said: curl-6 said: Captain_Tom said:I still can't figure out why anyone would ever be surprised. The Wii U is VERY close to the PS3 in performance: -Basically equal GPU. Maybe 25% stronger at most -Weaker CPU -A lot more ram...kinda. 1 GB (Remember 1GB is for OS) > 512MB but it isn't big enough to really use textures or AI numbers anywhere remotely near the...

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Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales

in Microsoft Discussion 18 hours ago

What's with the Xbox brand being so weak in Japan, is it a nationalism thing, where it's the "foreign" console?...


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