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    < RolStoppable posted something on curl-6's wall:

    I have to inform you that quickrick is in your thread.

    I should have guessed. When I first clashed with him I considered asking a mod to check if he was an alt, but held off as I didn't think I could report any of his posts for breaking the rules.

    on 03 June 2019

    So, since you still play 360 games, have you played Dead Rising?

    I played the Wii version back in like 2015, wasn't really my cup of tea. I did just pick up Evil; Within though. Skipped it on release cos people told me it was very difficult and I am easily frustrated, but it reminds me so much of RE4, my fav game ever, that I finally caved haha

    on 07 April 2019

    Hm, too bad, I really enjoyed it. The Wii version of Dead Rising is actually based on RE4 iirc, even reuses Leon's gun animations I think. The 360/PC version are much different, practically a different game, doesn't mean you'd like it mind you just kind of interesting. The game was basically remade just for the Wii haha.

    I still need to play a RE one of these days. I own Remake 1 and RE4 on Steam.

    I'm surprised The Evil Within hasn't seen a Switch release yet. Where'd you get it on?

    on 07 April 2019

    Found EW on Xbox 360 on clearance at EB Games for $8 so grabbed it on impulse. I figure even if it's just okay, it's only $8, and who knows, maybe I'll love it.

    on 07 April 2019

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    So apparently I've managed 2 years without a ban. I must be losing my edge

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Changed my mind, FC3 is shit. Enemies hitting you 500m away through 10 layers of bushes = broken.

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Far Cry 3 is a good game but crikey it runs like a stoned tortoise on console

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    Japan Sales Week 28, Jul 08 - 14 2019, Famitsu

    in Sales Discussion 16 minutes ago

    Bofferbrauer2 said: Amnesia said: Everyone believes that he wants. Switch Pro or Plus or whatever is coming soon with only sperficial improvement, not the one of August, but I believe that soon (first half 2020) we get a 1080p screen with some unlocking of the Tegra X1, but no way this thing can run PS5/scarlet games like ReviewTechUSA alaways repeat. And yes, in 2022 we get a...

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    Upgraded Switch model announced: Same price, battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours - Launches in August (Americas, Japan) and September (Others)

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

    I'm actually glad they chose this route instead of going with a power-boosted "Pro", I don't want games from late this year onwards on to start running like shit on my 2017 Switch. In this way i feel these kind of upgrades inevitably ending up screwing over the larger userbase of the standard model. Just gimme another 4 years of the Switch then a much more capable full successor. ...

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    Global Hardware 29 June 2019

    in Latest Charts 4 hours ago

    The_Liquid_Laser said: curl-6 said: If Switch stays above 200k throughout July and August I'll be impressed. If it dips below that i early Sept that'd be understandable, Japan especially is gonna hold their breath for the Lite. I seriously think Nintendo are gonna have supply issues again from the release of Lite to the end of the year; Switch's sales were already really good,...


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