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    < curl-6 Okay, I'm back, and will try not to be such a sour puss
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    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Okay, I'm back, and will try not to be such a sour puss

    Will you say that Devils third was at least a 50/100?

    17 hours ago

    Devil's Third was a turd. Get over it, Spurge. =P

    16 hours ago

    I cannot, I had so much fun for over a year with it.

    Closing the door on it , is like boxing up one of your favorite consoles after it gave you many good games and good times. It is time to move on, but you will still have the memories.

    16 hours ago

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Maybe I should take a short break from VGC. So for being annoying guys

    You just come off as unreasonably negative about everything. I don't know why. You knew from the get go the Switch wasn't going to be a powerhouse.

    And since I'm mentioning this, I will say I wonder why you stick to Nintendo like that. You do so by complaining about so many things about them, and more often than not, your focus seems to be more on the technical aspects of the games than anything else. Considering that, it seems like you'd be much more at home on the PS4 or PC.

    2 days ago

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on curl-6's wall:


    I'll be getting it then ;)

    3 days ago

    I'll believe it when I hold it in my hand.
    "Coming 2015" remember.

    3 days ago


    Stop being a negative nancy.


    3 days ago

    Exactly... still being a negative nancy even after you learn they're coming the same day ;(

    3 days ago

    I'm sorry guys. Just a bit bummed out atm. Hey, remember I bet a month's ban, so you'll get a break from me haha

    3 days ago

    Thats funny. I didnt even realize Uran said negative nancy 6 days ago until just now.

    3 days ago

    < uran10 posted something on curl-6's wall:

    If the switch reveal is good, can curl-6 negative nancy side go on vacation for 6 months?

    If BotW still comes to Wii U, my negative nancy side might fuck off for good

    on 06 January 2017

    Then hopefully it goes bye bye in march then. I like non negative curl best. Negative curl makes me want to throw chairs at curl :)

    on 06 January 2017

    Sorry man. I'm trying. It's just really getting me down that I waited so long for BotW and now I feel like it's gonna be snatched away

    on 06 January 2017

    < KazumaKiryu posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Are you interested in great jrpg-games like Persona 5 and Ni No Kuni 2 ? Would interest me, curl-6 :)

    Not really my cup of tea but to each their own :)

    on 25 December 2016

    You dont like Japanese masterpieces!?

    on 05 January 2017

    you must be an american who hates japanese games!

    on 05 January 2017

    Most of my favourite games are Japanese. And I'm not American ;)

    on 05 January 2017

    LOL Basil

    on 05 January 2017

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    Switch Graphics! Donít give up on them just yet.

    in Nintendo Discussion 9 minutes ago

    I'm with bigtakilla here, XCX looks visually better than XB2 so far. XCX had a style all its own, while XB2 looks comparatively generic. Maybe I'll change my mind when we see more of XB2's environments, but so far none of it wows me that way that the luminescent alien jungles of Noctilum or the gargantuan canyons and alien ruins of Oblivia did in XCX....

    Write 155

    So, what is your problem with the Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion 29 minutes ago

    yvanjean said: 1-2 switch look like a stupid gimmick game..... It should come bundle with the Switch especially at $299.  1-2 Switch not being bundled is a good thing; this way hopefully it will be a massive flop and they'll realize we don't want such garbage....

    Write 68

    Mario Odyssey is successor Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, not to Galaxy and 3D Land/World

    in Nintendo Discussion 56 minutes ago

    Soundwave said: curl-6 said: I've been saying for years Nintendo should make a modern successor to Mario 64, glad to see they're finally acknowledging my genius suggestions and repeated angry letters attached to bricks thrown through the windows of Tokyo EAD. :D Is this a Mario 64 successor or Mario Sunshine successor, because I feel those two are very different...


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