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    The Nintendo Switch Lite Launches This Week - Will You be Buying One?

    in Gaming Discussion 6 hours ago

    Gonna wait for a sweet black friday deal. ...

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    Favourite system startup sequence

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    PS1, but that's just nostalgia. ...

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    Research on first and favorite Final Fantasy Game

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2019

    First FF I played is my favorite game of all time, not just in the series. 1) FFIX 2) FFIX 3) FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, FFXIII, FFXV. ...

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    Most Wanted October Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2019

    1. FFVII Remake [PS4] 2. Last of Us Part 2 [PS4] 3. Death Stranding [PS4] 4. Cyberpunk 2077 [PS4] 5. Persona 5 Royal [PS4] ...

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    Best snow/ice/winter levels

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2019

    curl-6 said: As someone from a country where it basically never snows, ever, except on the tops of like 3 mountains for two months of year, snow's always been this exotic, magical thing to me. I didn't even see it in real life until I was 15. As such, I've always found snowy levels in games to have a certain fantastical charm. What are your favourite examples of...

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    Obscure games you love to bits, and why you love them

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2019

    Danganronpa V3. Great storytelling, lovable characters, awesome music! One of the greatest visual novels out there. ...

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    Would you buy a PS4 Portable ?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 July 2019

    How would you insert a ps4 disc into a portable? If it's digital only, then hell no! ...

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    What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

    in General Discussion on 15 July 2019

    I think Lite is a good idea. Don't have a Switch jet, gonna buy this one since I would use it as portable only anyway. ...

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    What's Naughty Dog been doing this whole console generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2019

    haxxiy said: I'm 100% sure now that TLOU2 is a cross-gen late 2020 title. What's the point in cross-gen if PS5 will support PS4 discs? Did you see a lot of cross-gen games between PS1-PS2? They will release it for PS4 since it has huge install base and you will be able to play it on PS5 just fine. Mark my words. ...

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    What games are you looking forward to in 2019?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2019

    100% just Death Stranding. ...

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    Full New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intro Sequence Trailer with gameplay, Battle System, Boss Battle ,Tifa and Sephiroth

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2019

    AbbathTheGrim said: Ashadelo said: This game is coming to xbox one? My bet is that you will eventually see it for NextBox somewhere down the line. Or in worst case scenario, just like it happened with the other announcement of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, you can expect an Xbox release for sure in a decade or two decades from now. vivster said: Should've waited for next...

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    Death Stranding Releasing November 8th - New Trailer Just Streamed

    in Sony Discussion on 30 May 2019

    2zosteven said: The LOU2 is a ps4-ps5 game PS5 version is not needed since PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4. I don't think we will see cross gen titles this time. ...

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    Death Stranding Releasing November 8th - New Trailer Just Streamed

    in Sony Discussion on 29 May 2019

    The most amazing thing for me is those characters and the actors behind them. ...

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    Final Fantasy XII Appreciation and Strategy Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 May 2019

    Number 7 in my TOP FF list - excellent music and art style, interesting battle system, confusing and too political story, forgettable characters....

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    Happy Birthday FF VI released 25 years ago

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 April 2019

    Congrats FFVI! One of the best in the series for sure, and of course the best villain....

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    What Do You Most Want to See Next from the Resident Evil Franchise?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2019

    Re3 Remake next year and then Re8 for next gen in the style of Re7....

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    What is the most Dangerous Country in the World currently in 2019?

    in Politics Discussion on 07 March 2019

    Russia of course....

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    Ps3 Pro

    in Sony Discussion on 06 February 2019

    PS3 was a beast when it came out, it didn't need mid gen refresh....

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    Final Fantasy 7: Happy Birthday!!! turns 22 on january 31st

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2019

    Playing it right now!...

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    Resident Evil 3 NEMESIS Remake possible, if Fans want it

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2019

    I'm hoping for RE3 remake next year, and then RE8 for next gen....

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