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    Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2019 by siebensus4

    I played and completed it some years ago on PC. The soundtrack and visuals are absolutely splendid, but the enemy design is weak and it also has some difficulty spikes which lead to frustration. One of the best Metroidvanias of the past 10 years, though. Gameplay, ability system, puzzles and map are great. I really can recommend it and I will buy the Switch version again to play it on TV....

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    Xbox One owners: Are you guys excited for Project Scarlett?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 August 2019 by Puppyroach

    I'm super excited. This generation has brought some fantastic games and the service of back-compat, I believe MS will only build upon this in the next generation. The value I get from a new console right now is so strong that it's a no-brainer for me. And I get to play the new Halo 🙂. ...

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    Obscure games you love to bits, and why you love them

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2019 by Pemalite

    Dulfite said: HOW COULD I FORGET Warpath 97!!!!! My friend and I used to play that all the time back on PC. Actually have it installed. Shame it's not a more difficult game though.Other goldies like Dink Smallwood, Scorched Earth need a mention too... The_Liquid_Laser said: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - Occasionally I will find someone who really likes HoMM3, but I don't...

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    What Smartphone do you use?

    in General Discussion on 18 August 2019 by Conina

    teamsilent13 said: i hate smartphones. worst purchase decision i made a few years ago was to get one. the cost for data is ridiculous. as for which phone i have: a white 256 gb iphone xs max. i had to buy a phone which could sort of force me since data is so much to use it but i still barely use it. i also just hate smartphones from a trch ical aspect. they take (at least in iphone case)...

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    Of the Highest Rated Games of 2019 so Far Which is Your Favourite?

    in General Discussion on 08 August 2019 by SvennoJ

    I forgot about Sekiro... I've only played SMM2 of that list and not for very long. Still playing GT Sport daily and it's summer. No time for anything besides racing. ...

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    When will the first proper next gen reveal happen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 August 2019 by PotentHerbs

    PSX seems like a perfect time to do a PS5 reveal. ...

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    Global Hardware 13 July 2019

    in Latest Charts on 02 August 2019 by NathanSSSS

    colafitte said: Bofferbrauer2 said: I don't question the PS4's sales, but I do wonder a bit where they are being sold. My guess is that the RoW is getting more and more important and the big 3 (Japan, the US and Europe) getting less and less of the global sales share. Yes, probably. I feel the same. I miss the old days when you had "others" on the sales page. You still...

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    What was the Greatest Launch Title of all Time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2019 by Azuren

    Chrkeller said: Azuren said: Whether or not something was revolutionary or groundbreaking was literally the basis for the back-and-forth between Curl and myself. If you're going to involve yourself, the least you could do is know where the goalposts were set before you accuse them of being moved. I involved myself when you ignorantly claimed BotW didn't have a physics...

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    Most Anticipated New Release of August

    in General Discussion on 30 July 2019 by Barkley

    Age of Wonders. Though I'm not buying it at full price. ...

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    Playstation 1 games with cool FMVs or CGs

    in Sony Discussion on 26 July 2019 by The_Liquid_Laser

    In before Legend of Dragoon. ...

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    Guess Who's Back? Back Again...

    in General Discussion on 26 July 2019 by Jumpin


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    Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72

    in Sony Discussion on 23 July 2019 by Cerebralbore101

    John2290 said: I deleted this out of convenience over not moving files to my HDDs. I regret it so much, I miss it even though I've platinumed it, played the first half twice and done post story content. What I'd do to start a new game if only it wasn't near 70 gigs now and stormy weather outside. Pity. This is part of why I buy physical. Just downloading a game from GoG can take...

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    What Gaming Platforms do you use on PC?

    in PC Discussion on 19 July 2019 by Pemalite

    Steam and GOG. Not interested in the rest. ...

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    How long would you prefer a console lifespan to last before replacement?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2019 by twintail

    I must admit, I don't really care so much. As long as publishers are pumping out quality games I want to play, it really doesn't matter if the consoles lean closer to 5 years or closer to 10. ...

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    Most beautiful 2D game ever

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2019 by curl-6

    Though I often see them criticized as having "aged badly" I feel the SNES Donkey Kong Country games deserve a mention. Their worlds have such a great feeling of moody atmosphere. It's really hard to find screens that aren't tiny or of very poor quality though. ...

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    How many games you have on Steam?

    in PC Discussion on 09 July 2019 by Wyrdness

    214 ...

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    Blood & Truth PSVR. 80 Opencritic / 81 Metacritic.

    in Sony Discussion on 30 June 2019 by Conina

    John2290 said: KBG29 said: So far I am really enjoying Trover. It is kind of Astro Bot with a story. If you like Rick and Morty and Astro Bot, it should be a good time. Yeah, Trover looks really good, I'll probably download that tomorrow and tuck in, I wanna grab that B&T platinum first.  I played though Trover last week... loved every minute of...

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    Prediction: MP4 will not release on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 June 2019 by NightlyPoe

    Jumpin said: Mr.GameCrazy said: I fail to see why Nintendo would want Retro Studios to fail to do a great job with Metroid Prime 4. I literally state it in the post you’re replying to. So they can shut down the studio without controversy. It saves them money in the long run without having to put up with bad press. Problem is, it sounds like a conspiracy...

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    Youtube star etika found dead RIP

    in General Discussion on 28 June 2019 by JWeinCom

    DonFerrari said: JWeinCom said: You offending me would require me to care about your opinion, so I'm not concerned about that. But it depends on the situation.  If as is the case here, people seem to be in unanimous agreement that what you said was disrespectful, then clearly the problem is you.  So if you care about not coming off as disrespectful, then you should...

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    Favourite E3 2019 Conference/Event

    in General Discussion on 26 June 2019 by John2290

    If you tilt the poll to the left it gives you a strong message about E3 in general. ...

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