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    3DS vs NGP software lineups

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2011

    Snesboy said: Well, some of us just like to hate on Sony portables. And, well, that's kinda pointless... Just don't buy it if you don't want it. ...

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    Why Polyphony Digital was playing FORZA 3 at E3 2009

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 December 2010

    Well, I got GT5 CE... And happy with it..   And, that's all that matters... If someone wants to play Forza, then, hey, that's them....

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    Most polite/friendly online (gaming) community

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2010

    Friendly, and polite people in online gaming? The most they can do is say something verbal to you... Words don't hurt, just have some self confidence in yourself, and/or ignore it...  No sympathy for those who cannot see that words are not worth getting emotional over, nor the people that waste time to insult someone else over game skill, screw both of you. Sure, I'll be friendly, so long as...

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    Great job administrators but...

    in Sales Discussion on 02 June 2010

    I'd like it if the site had borders... Boarders around images and what-not would make things look better.. Everything seems like a mess to me...  But, I do like the color scheme....

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    Do you like boxarts on the weekly charts

    in Website Topics on 27 January 2010

    Yeah, I do.. .BUT, I voted "Sometimes" so that there's more options... even if I personally wont use them, who loves more options? Except in MvC2 when stupid people leave the speed set to "Free Select" honestly, who's going to play at normal speed over Turbo 1?... Other than that, yeah, I like having choices! ...

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    Jin VS Lili ... and Hwoarang? what the...

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2010

    Yeah, it's really old... They probably used the same character models in Tekken 6... Even Namco recognized Lili's awesomeness, so, they had to put her in......

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    Sony fanboys: The PS3 >>>>>> X360 in Others!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 04 January 2010

    Great for Sony... Now, when does this benefit me? Gimme my premium upgrade, Sony, I'm getting impatient. I'd helped Sony shrink the gap-wait, I owned 2 360, so, that's a lie... I want to see games exclusives continue being exclusives, a new GOOD Twisted Metal (Only 3, and 4 sucked anyway) and some other stuff... Where's a real sequel to Jumping Flash! 2, Sony?... 15 years, and still waiting,...

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    What was your first console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2009

    Atari... I remember the boot-up screen, and a single day of my dad and brother playing it.. I was still in diapers, though, so, of course i was too young to play it...I also have memories of NES, and the big wide, thin carts, but, don't remember anything on the TV.But, if neither of those count, then, it would be SEGA Genesis, went through four models, and my newest in '98, it still works, and...

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    PSP Used To Catch A Robber!

    in Sony Discussion on 22 December 2009

    lol, that's great.. If this happened more often, people would become fearful to steal PS3's.... And you thought Sony was ripping you off. Sony should re-in act this into a commercial.. It would rise both PS3, and PSP sales, and make people think twice before stealing a PS3... And it would educate people who own the trio already.....

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    Suspended from XBox Live for being a lesbian!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 December 2009

    I don't understand what the deal is... In a sense, it's not a dating service, so, there's no reason to put down your sexual orientation. However, if someone does, who cares. As long as they're not hitting on other members, it shouldn't be a problem. So, if someone puts in their profile "I'm straight" I guess they should be banned too... But, you see how much sense that makes? Homosexuals...

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    in Website Topics on 02 December 2009

    You know, you should talk to the moderator that did it, or inform one of the admins, and let them sort it out. It's not like we're going to sign some petition to get you unbanned, or something. It has nothing to do with the general public of VGC.But, it's a video game site, where fans of all major companies come to post.. It should be expected that they'll be a little bashing on other...

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    YES or NO: PSN is already superior to LIVE.

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2009

    The only reason I can see Live being better is because it allows SPACING in usernames, and does not force you to use underscores, and faster download speeds... Neither of which really make a different in anything.PSN has free gaming, and free tv episodes, and much better sales. Also, PSN never canceled it's PSOne classics. I don't do very much of any downloading from PSN, and when I do, I let...

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    in Sony Discussion on 22 November 2009

    At least it's not misleading, thank goodness... -_-...

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    VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2009: Semi-Final 1!

    in Website Topics on 08 November 2009

    I don't remember zexen... at all... So, I'll vote Nordlead...

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    Uncharted 2 = Death of PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 16 October 2009

    The 60gb systems are faulty, the game itself does not kill PS3s. I'm glad that by the time I get this game, all the problems will be gone....

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    PS3 will almost certainly beat 360

    in Sales Discussion on 13 October 2009

    stewroids said: hsrob said: Even if we were to accep last week's numbers as representative of a new baseline, with the PS3 selling ~60 000 more units per week than the Xbox 360, it's going to take nearly two and a half years for the PS3 to catch the 360.And we have to assume that in that time Microsoft is going to sit there twiddling it's thumbs, idly watching it's market share...

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    WARNING XXX RATED - Heavy Rain Madison stripping

    in Sony Discussion on 25 September 2009

    I started to get excited for this game until I remembered something.  Sony does NOT allow AO rated video games...  So, who knows... is it nudity?  Yes, but, can it get away with an M rating?  Yes, but, then their's controvery because soccer moms will be talking about how their 16, and 17 year olds are playing game with nudity, and such...  It's probably gonna be sensored,...

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    !!!New Ps3 Ad Hilarious!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 11 September 2009

    If they want to sell to non gamers, they better make it known that it's a multi-media movie device, and bring over that DVR ad-on that theyhave in europe, and say it contributes to curing caner. They don't even need to mention it's a gaming device.  Everyone that's been waiting to switch to blu-ray for under 350 bucks will buy it.  Someone needs to replace their audio reciever? ...

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    What will Nintendo do now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 September 2009

    Well, Nintendo should start making a new console...  And, have it ready before Sony and Microsoft get their stuff out... It may not be as powerful as the other 8th generation systems, but, it will sell... wait.. scratch that, that's a dumb idea..... I don't think anyone would openly say "If these two games don't sell, we'll drop the price."  Because then, people will wait on the price...

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    Xbox-Fanboy? No more!

    in Sony Discussion on 07 September 2009

    Today's 360 owners were yesterday's PS2 owners, who only sided with the 360 because of the price..... 2 RRoD?  Well, you get what you pay for......

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