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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 01 July 2019 by fadetoone

    Farsala said: We don't have a solution though. The guy (Ghettoglamour, I think) who helped update a tool for him went offline too. If anybody finds a working PSN API that doesn't cost money, I can look into it if I get some spare time, but no promises. ...

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    New Avatar & Sig Rules

    in Website Topics on 03 March 2014 by pbroy

    NiKKoM said: The movie is "This is 40" Run!!! She'll kill baby seals with them clubbed thumbs of hers...

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    Topless avatars too much?

    in General Discussion on 09 October 2012 by PlaystaionGamer

    Jay520 said:MBP's argument is weak. Firstly, what size phone do you have that allows people to see avatars so easily? Most people aren't going to be close enough to make out any avatars. The only people who are going to be close enough to make out pictures on your phone are people who are right over your shoulder. And people who are right over your shoulder are probably close friends. ...

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    The Depression thread

    in General Discussion on 09 May 2012 by Gilmour

    SaviorX said: Gilmour said: SaviorX said: Gilmour said: I just subscribed to the local gym.  Time to build some muscles.  I'm tired of being skinny, so I decided to change that.  I have a first meeting with a trainer so we will set some goals and he'll show me the best exercises to reach them. 1 year of training ahead :D What are ur...

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    Anyone want to get married?

    in General Discussion on 20 March 2012 by Gilgamesh

    Aj_habfan said: Gilgamesh said: Aj_habfan said: I really like you as a friend, but your penis is far too small to satisfy me anally. We would never last. I hope you understand. But Montreals my favorite hockey team, always has been! So do you think we should have a surrogate mother or go for adoption? We can just find a kid on the street and take...

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    Nature’s Ruinous Revenge: The Environments Of The Last Of Us

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2012 by TT Makaveli

    AFFLICTION said:Simply beautiful! Every bit of info I ingest from this game makes me want it more and more! co-signing this! Naughty Dog is just plain awesome! ...

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    Global UP ! (21st January)

    in Latest Charts on 02 February 2012 by NintendoPie

    Alby_da_Wolf said: NintendoPie said: Alby_da_Wolf said: NintendoPie said: Argh_College said: Seece said:I remember in school the nerdy group (at least 15 of them) had gamecubes (not insinuating that was the target group! lol) just that it was a distant 3rd to PS2. Allways thought the nerds were and are the Xbox Core fanbase... Like me...

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    Global is Up - 7th January 2012

    in Latest Charts on 15 January 2012 by IIIIITHE1IIIII

    pezus said: IIIIITHE1IIIII said: pezus said: IIIIITHE1IIIII said: pezus said:Hmmm, I highly doubt that   NSMB: 26 million in about six years. Average per year 4.3 mil. 3DL: 5 million in two months. (+ holiday, but still)   Seems alot more than likely to me. Just know that 3D mario games never have the same legs as 2D...

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    Global Up! - 17th December

    in Latest Charts on 01 January 2012 by Alby_da_Wolf

    If the rumours about PSV sold out in HK are true, we all perfectly know a possible explanation for PSV low 2nd week numbers, but I won't name it fully, just its first 3 letters: "und"... And that the shitstorm begin! :-D ...

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    Americas Up! 12th November

    in Latest Charts on 21 November 2011 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Michael-5 said: Jay520 said: Michael-5 said:   So now there is more supporting evidene of CoD fans switching to 360. Black Ops sold 180k units more on PS3 then 360 (10% better), when the total number of PS3's in EMEAA was 11% larger (19.4 million PS3's to 17.5 million 360's). Modern Warfare 3 sold only 11k more units on the PS3 then it did the 360 in...

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    WW UP 29th Oct

    in Latest Charts on 06 November 2011 by oniyide

    At least in the Americas...

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    EMEAA up 29th october.

    in Latest Charts on 03 November 2011 by yo_john117

    Carl2291 said: yo_john117 said: By how much? For all of them I mean? Well... DS has shipped 149 Million, VGChartz has it at 148.88 Million... So essentially only 118k of stock on shelves/ships. Obviously overtracked. By a lot. PS2 has shipped 153.5 Million, VGChartz has it at 144.12 Million... Yeah. This has been known for ages though. PSP has shipped 73 Million,...

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    Worst username on VGChartz?

    in General Discussion on 30 October 2011 by oldschoolfool

    someone else,because I love mine. lol...

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    EMEAA Up - 15 October 2011

    in Latest Charts on 21 October 2011 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Good week for HW in general, particularly for PS3, but adjustments make comparisons difficult, except telling us that price cut give a bigger effect than initially estimated to PS3 and a smaller one to 3DS (that for a platform that still has very few major system seller games, is selling well anyway). Week not so good for SW, except Wii and DS....

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    Americas Pre-Order Chart 15th Oct 2011

    in Latest Charts on 21 October 2011 by zultar

    I am really suprised that dance central has more pre-orders then kinect sports s2...

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    Americas Pre Order Chart - 8th of October

    in Latest Charts on 11 October 2011 by AFFLICTION

    Seece said:Halo doing ok, expected better! Forza should open nicely. I think Halo is doing fine but Forza on the other hand I'm not so sure about as it's pre-orders aren't much more than it's predecessor which is a same as it looks great ...

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    WW up! 24th September

    in Latest Charts on 03 October 2011 by ethomaz

    Come on guys... there are no emulation for PS3 and 360 on PC... the most actual PCs can't run PS2 emulation (just the TOPs)....

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    Worldwide UP 17th September

    in Latest Charts on 26 September 2011 by postofficebuddy

    *Sound Of Rain said:3DS is doing great and will continue to sell well. Holiday #'s are coming soon and 360 & Wii should start outselling PS3. By Nintendo's own admission they expect to sell less than PS3 this year so even if Wii does outsell PS3 during the holidays it won't be by a significant amount....

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    Vote for your favorite Vgchartz Canadian! Results are in!

    in General Discussion on 02 September 2011 by radishhead

    We've got to see this competition repeated for other regions! I missed the chance to vote in this one...

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    Americas UP-6th August

    in Latest Charts on 10 August 2011 by Alby_da_Wolf

    arcane_chaos said:I'm just happy to see Bleach: Soul Resurrection up there!!! what's with LBP making a comeback? I got a crazy thought: what if Sony chose to push it again to puzzle competitors? Crazy as it can be, the benefit would be double, confusing them and at the same time profiting too....

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