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    Max King of the Wild's Wall

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    Welcome back!


    The mods were discussing our old bans, leading to this.

    Made me realize just how far back we go!

    he was bannedright before ps4's finest hour in japan

    Never knew he was perma'd. :'(

    Awww I actually liked you as a user.


    on 21 September 2014

    No, just no.

    on 12 November 2014


    on 12 November 2014

    You were actually pretty cool towards the end. It's a shame.

    I miss you...

    I don't think you should have been permabanned. Oh well.

    He ran out of chances sadly.

    on 18 July 2014

    he sort of was ignorant of his opinions being the only ones right sometimes but it was sad to see him banned

    on 19 July 2014

    Ban-dodging a last-chance ban is kind of hard proof that you really don't care about the rules here.

    on 20 July 2014

    I kind of like his posts sometimes. But sometimes he was just plain mean and rude. So try to be nicer next time lol.

    Except there is no "next time" ... LOL

    on 18 July 2014

    All dem alts though.

    on 18 July 2014

    Lol one less troublemaker. And a guy who always thought he was right even when wrong. Cheers

    Yeah that about sums it up

    on 18 July 2014

    All the fun people get permabanned. Soon I will have to go back to 4chan for my daily intake of slurs :(

    Oh man! My pet is gone!

    Cant say im sad. Bye

    Always sad to see a member go. I actually liked him. He was a bit rough with his discussions and the way he went about things but I thought he was kind of cool

    Bye! I'll be honest, i wont miss you! :P

    Cheers Max, you were a good guy!


    Sad to see you go. Didn't always agree with you but it was usually interesting discussing things with you. :(

    Media Create threads will never be the same again.

    on 17 July 2014

    I take back what I said. You're not a nice person at all!

    on 17 July 2014

    I liked you

    You'll be missed.

    Guess this is goodbye but I didn't know a whole lot about you so if the other users would kindly fill me in that would be great ...

    Damn you're quick Fatslob!

    on 17 July 2014

    Bwahahaha ...

    It's ironic how a "fat slob" is "quick".

    on 17 July 2014

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