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    Do you think GOD of War Collection Eidtion has done well?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 December 2009

    @topic I think the game will sell at least 1 million copies. I got my yesterday and I think its a great idea to put 2 Top PS2 games onto 1 br disc. I hope that ICO and Sotc will follow. The graphics were really good considering its actually a ps2 port (remastered though). At the fight against Hydra I was as excited as I was when I was playing the game years ago. ...

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    More problems connecting BlueTooth devices to my PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 09 December 2009

    I also had the problem with the controller. It was after the latest update. It just blinked a few times after pressing the ps button and then it turned off.I had to restart the console a few times with the controller plugged in and then I unplugged it and it worked.That problem occured a few times, but now its ok ...

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    I am playing final fantasy VII for the first time.

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 October 2009

    So, you are playing he best rpg ever?? Great. Well since I am a huge fan of ff7 (I own the game twice) I can give you some tips.Regarding the materia, in double weapon slots you should put two materias which can be combined like "All" and "Fire" so you can use Fire attack on all enemies. Basically you can experiment, but if I remeber correctly you have a tutorial after the first few hours of the...

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    Who Platinumed Uncharted 2?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 October 2009

    @topic I got my copy on friday, so basically had 3 days for playing. I am at 67% now, need the hard and crushing playthroughs, thetreasures and the surviror trophy. Thats all. ...

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    If you were stuck on a desert island...

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 October 2009

    Good question Too bad there is no internet connection, otherwise I would pick cod 4 and try to get the golden cross ;)anyways, my picks psx: final fantasy,VII and IX and mgs ps2: final fantasy X, gt 4, mgs3 ps3: uncharted 2, oblivion, terminator salvation lol, jut kidding probably mgs 4 pc:anno 1701, crysis, age of empires ...

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    Just finished Uncharted 2...And yes my Ps3 froze..

    in Sony Discussion on 24 October 2009

    @topicI got uc2 yesterday and finished first 6 chapters without any problems on my slim. btw great game as expected ...

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    Blueray on 360?!?!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 October 2009

    elticker said:@ player 1do you know how much it pays if it want to use it? Well, since I am at work know and sitting in my office fearing my boss may come in and catch me beeing online for fun,I dont have the time to look for a source but as far I know there are about 150 different patents on the blu ray technology, and companies like phillips, samsung,toshiba are involved as well....

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    Blueray on 360?!?!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 October 2009

    what an irony. MS is going to pay Sony for using the blu ray format,lol. ...

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    Experiences with your slim?

    in Sony Discussion on 22 October 2009

    Well I have to 40 gig model and bought the Slim in September. All I can say I love the slim. Its a great piece of hardware. Especially I really love the sync funtion with my bravia lcd. Although it can get very hot on the back I have never had some problems with it. Its also more resistant to dust than the older models. All I can say is - go and get it ...

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    my PS3 is back from repairs :D

    in Sony Discussion on 22 September 2009

    @topicNice to hear that. I had the same problem. My 40 gig died on me and I had to wait 40 fucking days to get it back. Well now I bought myself the slim and I have 2 ps3 and dont need to worry about one dying again ;) ...

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    Trophies should be even out

    in Sony Discussion on 12 September 2009

    I love trophies but I would never play a game without having fun. I recently stopped playin Prince of perisa because the gamed sucked imo. I was 2 bronze away from platinum, but who cares? The game was boring and i sold it. I got my red alert 3 platinum yesterday and I more proud of it than anyone with the terminator and hannah montana shit could ever be. my sister can get the terminator platinum...

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    Uncharted 2 Limited Edition (Not the competition one)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 September 2009

    I already preorder this edition ;) ...

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    Graphics Whore Showdown Round 7: Metal Gear Solid 4 vs Uncharted DF

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2009

    I love both games but technically is uncharted a class of its own. ...

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    Graphics Whore Showdown Roung 6: GT5 Prologue vs Forza Motorsport 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2009

    gt 5 p...

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    I'm most impressed with infamous

    in Sony Discussion on 04 September 2009

    Great game. nothing more to say ...

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    PS3 Slim overheat and incorrecty pluged power cord

    in Sony Discussion on 31 August 2009

    That sounds like a 360 Fanboy to me. ...

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    Metal Gear Solid 4 ot Killzone 2 - Which has better graphics?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2009

    Killzone 2 has better graphics but MGS 4 is the much better game. ...

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    Gabe Newell: "sorry" to PS3 owners

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 August 2009

    Who cares what this fat moron has to say anyway?...

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    Is 360 or PS3 more powerful? Let's settle this with specs

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2009

    Ps3 is better. It has better games. No 360 game can match Killzone 2 or even the first Uncharted. And Uncharted 2 is going to play in its own league. ...

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    Who has Bravia TV and a PS3 ?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 July 2009

    Ps3 and Bravia KDLD3000 32 inch, 100 Hz. Great LCD, I also use it as  display for my pc...

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