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    < Jay520 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    New Hitman Video! No Spoilers


    < Andrespetmonkey posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Get posting: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=147724&page=1

    < Salnax posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Hi. I noticed you haven't voted in this month's gamrConnect Most Wanted contest. If you're interested, the link is below.



    on 13 September 2012


    on 13 September 2012

    This month, the thread is over here.


    on 15 October 2012

    < Andrespetmonkey posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Sure but even then we shouldn't write-off his point completely, because it was a good one.

    I don't think the game will sell 5M. Would be nice if it did but I don't see it happening Most people in that thread don't see it happening. It is true that SONY doesn't have many IPs that debut at 5M+.

    There was nothing wrong with the first half of his post. Noone attacked him for it. With that said, his last statement was wrong. It wasn't written in a style that would suggest any sort of humor or exaggeration. I proved it wrong and he tried to change what he said while maintaining that he said nothing wrong. He could of handled it better and he didn't.

    on 03 September 2012

    We all say things that are a little silly, and he didn't really change it but said "my point is" as in "I meant to say". I just don't like that people are jumping on him for that and not considering or discussing his later "revised" point. No big deal though.

    on 03 September 2012

    For the record, I didn't "jump" on him. There was an issue with his posts and I simply pointed it out. When he made a second post in response to mine I replied to it pointing out the problems with his new one.

    If anything you can say that Jay520 may have been attacking him for his original post as he kept talking about and quoting it. MUGEN and Farsala each made 1 post, and Farsala was completely civil.

    on 03 September 2012

    I'd also like to point out that he never replied to my second response.

    on 03 September 2012

    < Kresnik posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    You're a really good posted around here, man. Can we be friends?

    I also like that you are using Spike in your avatar. Are you a big fan of the Ape Escape games?

    I've actually only played the PSP Ape Escape which I think was a remake of the original. I never finished it but I want to now. I'm mainly using the avatar because he's the character i'm most interested in for PSAS, followed by the ones in my sig.

    on 01 September 2012

    Ah, okay. The original Ape Escape is still the best! :)

    Spike's a cool character. The amount of gadgets he has access to in AE gives me hope that he's gonna be loads of fun to play in PSABR. Plus, it'll just be nice to see him again. We haven't had a proper Ape Escape in so long!

    on 01 September 2012

    I think his gadgets are what made him seem so fun to me.

    on 01 September 2012

    < happydolphin posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    I've liked reading your posts lately. I never realized you were an awesome poster. I'm keeping my eyes on you. :3


    on 09 August 2012

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Hey you! Did I dream this or you used to play Mafia with us?

    Used to. Haven't done so in ages.

    on 04 June 2012

    Are you not interested anymore? Because if you'd like to play again, there's a new game starting up right now!

    on 04 June 2012

    it's not that. it's just often difficult for me to find the time to keep up with such a thread. My classes are where most of my time goes.

    on 04 June 2012

    < Jay520 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    I don't know if you play shooters but

    A good read


    < supermario128 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    You should play mafia. It could be just like old times. :P


    < Jay520 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    I see you rated Dark Souls 12 points lower than Demon's Souls. Why so?

    I love both games but Dark Souls didn't stuck with me as much as Demon's Souls. Demon's Souls was a challenge only because it was so different from most modern games which was nice. Dark Souls intentionally tries to shove you into overwhelming odds. Some times it worked, some times it didn't.

    on 20 February 2012

    < Millenium posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Let's take this out of the thread to avoid cluttering up the forums shall we amigo:

    Correction for you: I started noting the constant Halo 4 down(s) after 13 posts, not 6, I just took the effort to edit my first post.

    Also it's clear that the 2 posters I was referring two are obviously PS3 biased (Let's please not get into a argument about this, we both know it) and thus it's clearly not a matter of Halo 4 being less anticipated than the other games, but more a matter of personal bias on their part, clearly demonstrated by the fact that 2/3 times in a row the only game they've downed is Halo 4.

    As for "not enough people liking Halo 4 on these forums", it's christmas, and it's still early in the USA which is notably Halo's biggest region.

    Anways, thanks for your input

    You're taking this stuff way too seriously.

    Fact is, this isn't a US focused site and an elimination game like this is about what members of the site are anticipating. If there were more Halo fans entering the thread, it wouldn't have been eliminated so quickly but that wasn't the case.

    Pointing out bias posters is pointless. I already said that they don't have to have thing against Halo or Xbox. If people don't care for it and it's a big name it will be shot off the list early. At the time this thread was created, and quite possibly most of the time, there aren't that many Halo fans in the thread or people that care about the game, compared to people who dislike it or simply not care for it.

    This is how these games work. Get over it.

    on 25 December 2011

    Wow, seems like you are totally willing for friendly discussion.

    Very well, we'll agree to disagree/

    on 25 December 2011


    on 25 December 2011

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    hey bud i have a lot of respect for you as i've watched your posting over the past yr. i'd like for you to comeback to the GT5 thread so you can see why i used such high end estimates, and what i really thought.


    < spurgeonryan posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Do they still sell GBA games in the Bahamas? They stopped selling them up here in America at most GAmestops.

    I don't actually live int he Bahamas anymore. Moved to florida. I don't think it would be very easy to find anything that wasn't really popular on the GBA though.

    on 21 October 2011

    Well Florida you definitely can! :)

    on 21 October 2011

    < Mordred11 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    how are you man?

    Not bad. You?

    on 11 September 2011

    < yo_john117 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Hey have you played Infamous 2? If so give your thoughts on it at the new ranking game!--http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=132950&page=1#

    < trasharmdsister12 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=132706 Post your parties and discuss in the VGChartz Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    < trasharmdsister12 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Adding you for this post: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=4175335

    < Mordred11 posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    i love your sig,did you make it yourself?

    No. Jay520 made it. Well I got it from him so i'm assuming he did.

    on 09 August 2011

    < Dgc1808 updated his status:

    A little depressed...

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Dgc1808's wall:

    Playing alot of DS games right now! Are you currently in the bahamas, or were you just visiting? The reason I ask is because I was wondering how easy it is to get games there.

    Everything's way to expensive. I've lived there most of my life but now I'm in Broward, Fl for school. Last I was there, a brand new PS360 game was 100$. A PSP game was 70. This is Freeport, Bahamas, btw.

    on 06 July 2011

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