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    Write 29

    Amazon Prime $120 price justified? Or corporate greed?

    in General Discussion on 05 May 2018

    Doesn't sound that bad to me. ...

    Write 62

    Hard evidence that digital distribution is slowly taking over for physical copies.

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2018

    The power of convenience. ...

    Write 45

    PC Gamers: How do you play FPSs?

    in PC Discussion on 29 April 2018


    Write 32

    God of War is the most hyped PS4 exclusive game thus far, will it outsell Horizon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2018

    It will absolutely outsell Horizon. Question is will it outsell Uncharted 4....

    Write 144

    GPU prices more than double as cryptocurrency craze accelerates

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2018

    Main issue for me right now is ram prices. ...

    Write 50

    Just got a PS4 - What JRPG should I get?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 April 2018

    Bloodborne Dark Souls 3 God of War...

    Write 56

    [Digital Foundry] God of War on PS4/ PS4 Pro: A Stunning Tech Showcase!

    in Sony Discussion on 15 April 2018

    Slimebeast said: Get out of here! This is not possible in the current generation. It's just not possible. By far the best looking game ever made. Santa Monica is just one of those studio that puts out a game every now and again that makes you re-think what's possible.  God of War 2 and Ascension were both freakishly impressive when they released....

    Write 13

    "DEEP DOWN" are you alive?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2018

    After this long I figured we were never getting Souls Creed. ...

    Write 1236

    God of War review thread - Meta: 94 OC: 95

    in Sony Discussion on 14 April 2018

    Nice to see a God of War back in the 90s again (yea, i'm looking at you Ascension @_@)....

    Write 249

    Dragon Quest XI for Switch delay due UE4, game based on PS4 version of game, why was announced for Switch so early

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2018

    "PlayStation 4 version to launch simultaneously with the Switch version, it ultimately decided against it." thank goodness for that....

    Write 103

    Which company is going to win holidays in the US? EDIT: Poll added

    in Sales Discussion on 12 April 2018

    Wal-Mart. Give it a few more years though and Amazon will start winning this consistently....

    Write 287

    The American family is falling apart

    in General Discussion on 07 April 2018

    "+40% of children born out of wedlock" This is not a problem....

    Write 98

    Games getting announced too early by Sony?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 April 2018

    I've gotten used to it. I remember threads like this all throughout last gen. ...

    Write 79

    Kirby Star Allies Bombs With Critics

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 April 2018

    Shiken said: 73 is not bombing. 70+ is a GOOD game. 80+ is a GREAT game, and 90+ is a MUST PLAY game. People have such a twisted and sad view on what these scores mean. Kirby did fine with critics, some fans just do not understand the concept of a 10 point score system (which is why it needs to be done away with because there are even critics that do not get it or abuse it). It's...

    Write 55

    Insomniac games.

    in Sony Discussion on 06 April 2018

    I'd be shocked to find out that Sony's never made that offer. If Insomniac doesn't want to be contractually a Sony subsidiary, then the best course of action for Sony is to maintain a strong relationship....

    Write 23

    God of War PS4 delayed to June 2018

    in Sony Discussion on 01 April 2018

    Someone forgot what day it is?...

    Write 12

    Digital Foundry Far Cry 5 Console Analysis

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2018

    Sounds like what gamers should have reasonably expected (once those texture glitches are patched out for X1X). ...

    Write 85

    PS4: GOW - Predict The Metacritic Score

    in Sony Discussion on 31 March 2018

    I haven't played the game so I can not say....

    Write 132

    Switch Price Cut?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2018

    I'm not really convinced Nintendo cares about how it's selling relative to the PS4 on a weekly basis. As long as it's selling well and they're making a happy profit, there's no need for a price-cut. ...

    Write 143

    How will the low Metacritic Effect Far Cry 5 sales?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 March 2018

    contestgamer said: So reviews are in and the MC for FC5 is 81 atm, and will probably fall to 79-80 once all the reviews are in. I canceled my pre-order for the game, although I was looking forward to it and it got me thinking - how many other potential sales do you think were lost over the low MC score? (lifetime, not just launch pre orders) If I had to guess at least 1-1.5M compared to...

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