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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago by SpokenTruth

    My only question...is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? ...

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    The Witcher 3 on Switch is a good port or not ?

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago by curl-6

    It's a shame practically the entire conversation around Switcher 3 here on VGC has been monopolized by talk about how "downgraded" it is from folks who never had any interest in buying it in the first place. I intended to make a general discussion thread just to talk about the game with other Switch players, but now we have not one but two threads just about its technical performance it feels a...

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    Famitsu Sales: W41, 2019 (Oct 07 - Oct 13)

    in Sales Discussion 1 day ago by curl-6

    I wonder if the knock on effects of the typhoon will carry on to this week as well. Sales aside, here's hoping the country and it's people can quickly recover. ...

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    Nintendo Switch in Japan: 2018 vs. 2019 - Week 41 Numbers Posted;

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by zorg1000

    PAOerfulone said: Week 41 numbers just posted; Another steep drop as the Switch is almost back to the same baseline it was before the Lite launched. That is due to the typhoon that hit over the weekend. ...

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    Global Hardware 5 Oct 2019

    in Latest Charts 1 day ago by DonFerrari

    COKTOE said: DonFerrari said: From what I remember MS was bold enough to keep price parity (and was even some people that gone from USA to Canada to buy it on the frontier in some tax free stores). I had the same thought, but didn't want to look it up. Had a feeling that information might be difficult to find. I think you're right though. Also. I wish I wasn't such a...

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    The PS4 has become my favorite system of all time.

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by DonFerrari

    SvennoJ said: DonFerrari said: But it isn't local co-op is it? You can't have 2 players using VR at once on the same PS4 as far as I know. No, it's local cause we have 2 ps4s :) Not on the same system nope. The only local co-op you have is the other player playing on tv. Very few games support that. I doubt next gen will support multiple headsets on one ps5. Yes...

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    Any K-Pop fans here?

    in Music Discussion 3 days ago by UltimateGamer1982

    https://youtu.be/1nk5O__ALI8 https://youtu.be/iFoqGyWhMws ...

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    When are you buying the PS5?

    in Sony Discussion 4 days ago by BraLoD

    DonFerrari said: BraLoD said: Not getting the day one LoD Remake bundle? I may pick an early flight to be there on launch them =p That's more like it! ...

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    PS4/XBO/NS - 2018 vs. 2019 - Week 40 Numbers Added;

    in Sales Discussion 4 days ago by PAOerfulone

    Week 40 numbers have just been posted.The Switch is now up YOY by over 2 million units and the PS4 is less than 100k away from reaching 9 million units on the year as we have now reached October. ...

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    August NPD 2019

    in Sales Discussion 4 days ago by LimaBean01

    Shadow1980 said: For the first time in three months, it's Chart Time! As stated earlier, I used the figures that were from the #1 predictors in the Era hardware prediction threads. Except for one, they all are within or right on the cusp of the estimates provided by Herlock, so I left what I had without changing them (the exception was the August figure for the XBO, which I bumped up...

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    Switch vs PS4 2019

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago by The_Liquid_Laser

    Barkley said: The_Liquid_Laser said: I still stand by my prediction.   I am still very confident in my 25m prediction for Switch.  The only thing that can kill my "10-15m ahead" prediction is if Sony issues a major permanent price cut.  Still no word if they are going to do this or not. How about now? You'll need 15.8m sold over the holiday quarter to...

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    Global Hardware 28 September 2019

    in Latest Charts 4 days ago by curl-6

    I'm personally expecting between 18-19 million from Switch for the FY; 20 just seems a bit too out there. If Animal Crossing were releasing in early December maybe, but with Luigi's Mansion 3 and Sword/Shield as their holiday titles, I think they'll do great but not "over 20 million" great. ...

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    BOLD PREDICTION: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will Sell over 25mil WW Lifetime, Book IT

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago by tbone51

    Just FYI if SSBU has slightly less BotW legs next year itll look something like this.... SSBU 2018: 12.08mil 2019: 1730k + 920k + 800k + 1350k (16.88mil) 2020: 825k + 625k + 725k + 1125k (20.21mil) 2021: 500k + 450k + 500k + 950k (22.61mil) 2022: 250k + 200k + 225k + 475k (23.86mil) 2023.....end of time: 500k (24mil+) lol ...

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    Why am i still visiting the site?

    in General Discussion on 10 October 2019 by zealen

    Basically to post on "Say something about the person above you". At least until I wait for next gen charts. ...

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    Global Hardware 21st Sept 2019; Switch Lite launch numbers!

    in Latest Charts on 10 October 2019 by trunkswd

    Ganoncrotch said: 11 days of suspense waiting to see the second week of Lite sales impact on the ongoing increase to the Switch numbers. I'll have September 28 hardware posted later today.  ...

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    Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar? ...It just did !!!!

    in Movies Discussion on 09 October 2019 by Pavolink

    Meh. Don't care about Avatar and still prefer Titanic over this movie. Too long for my tastes. ...

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    What is the best Triple-A Game for PS4 ?? Top 3 - 5

    in Sony Discussion on 09 October 2019 by method114

    KazumaKiryu said: method114 said: This was such a hard choice between God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. I went with HZD simply because I enjoy a good story over anything and HZD's story was better than God of War's (which still had a great story). Also enjoyed the overall worldsetting in HZD over God of War. I also genuinely enjoyed discovering what happened to the previous world in...

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    The Pro Wrasslin' Thread (WWE, WWF, WCW, TNA, ROH, NWA, NJPW, etc)

    in Sports Discussion on 05 October 2019 by kirby007

    Could wwe have an actual legitimate MMA match with these 2? ...

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    Dragon Quest XI S reviews: Meta 90, OC 91

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2019 by outlawauron

    Ljink96 said: outlawauron said: The first several mentions are just DQXI's performance in general, not some PS4 vs Switch slapfight. If you're deadset on only using VGC numbers (that are already proven to be incorrect in this case), then there's really no room for discussion. I asked about where you saw the lifetime sales for DQ8 and 9, and you don't bother. Even VGC's number...

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    Famitsu Sales: W39, 2019 (Sep 23 - Sep 29)

    in Sales Discussion on 04 October 2019 by outlawauron

    MasonADC said: outlawauron said: That was shipped + digital, but still very good numbers. Especially as it was slightly undershipped. I don't know how many threads this argument will just keep appearing in. Shipped + digital for DQXI in the West was ~800k as of Nov 2018. Source The issue with that source is that it is using sell through numbers to determine shipped...

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