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    Witcher 3 impressions

    in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago by curl-6

    Barkley said: curl-6 said: I don't have a PS4, an Xbox One, or a powerful gaming PC if that's what you mean. I own gaming 12 systems, including multiple from each of the "big 3", but Switch is my only current gen one. I don't know how you got through 2013-2016 without buying another console. Truth be told, I did struggle a bit during that time. I had a Wii U and...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago by Rob5VGC

    P5 with a good increase increase. AL increased as well. SST moving as expected. ...

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    Switch Gamers Club - Post Your First Party Titles and How Many Switch Games You Own - July Summary

    in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago by OTBWY

    I got retail: Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist. ...

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    Predict the Next Direct (Summer 2019 Edition)

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by super_etecoon

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: super_etecoon said: Well we've had our first Nindies Direct...so take a bow if you predicted August 15th-21st. Of course, this is just a Nindies direct and not a full on Direct so it's not quite the same. The OP definitely didn't specify, so if you want to take a victory lap, be my guest. We'll still be keeping track for the next major Direct,...

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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (Updated to August 4)

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by KLXVER

    Venture Kid - digital ...

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    Global Hardware 3 August 2019

    in Latest Charts 2 days ago by curl-6

    MasonADC said: curl-6 said: I don't think that's really a system seller, and it'll be impossible to tell anyway as it comes out the same day as the Lite. I’m predicting 5 million units sold, and it’s a Zelda game. It is big  Don't get me wrong, I think it will sell a lot of software, it just doesn't strike me as the sort of game that will move...

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    In progress NPD predicting tool

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago by Mar1217

    And yet, EB Game's site works here ... lol ...

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    Director's/Extended Cuts that massively improved a film?

    in Movies Discussion 4 days ago by Immersiveunreality

    d21lewis said: Watchmen. Loved it so much more after the Director's Cut. Still a product of its time and a Snyder film but I didn't want it to end. One of my most beloved super hero movies is watchmen,it's different,it's daring,gritty and it stands above much of the more generic/safe superhero movies. Doctor Manhattan would also wipe the floor with most of the Marvel heroes ...

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    Nintendo Direct predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago by Dulfite

    JimmyFantasy said: A September Direct will surely be happening but I don't think they will announce any new AAA games.The presentation will focus on Nintendo Switch Online and Switch Lite.- SNES games for NSO- A new free to play game for NSO- Switch Lite showcase with Link's Awakening, Pokemon Sword/Shield and Luigi's Mansion 3.- Some third-parties showcase: Doom Eternal and The Witcher...

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    Would you buy a PS4 Portable ?

    in Sony Discussion 6 days ago by TruckOSaurus

    CrazyGamer2017 said: Nope, To me video games are the relationship I have with them through my TV. I don't understand why people absolutely need to be able to move around and game in the street and other such places where you risk rain, cold, thieves, an accident should you look at your screen, cross a street not paying attention to traffic etc. If I ever got a PS4 Portable, I'd end up...

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    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2019 by trasharmdsister12

    I was done at least half of Metro Exodus but I have to stop because normal dogs became an increasingly more common enemy and I couldn't take their whimpers. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. ...

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    How Much CAN Nintendo Charge for Switch Pro

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2019 by Pemalite

    CrazyGamer2017 said: Pemalite said: Well. No. It doesn't make the "Switch" name irrelevant, you can still "Switch" between form factors... The same game runs on all those devices. - Which was always the argument I used when I suggested that Nintendo could release a mobile and fixed-only TV SKU of the Switch... (Which is now coming to fruition with the Switch light.)Obviously I ended...

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    Dune Remake Complete

    in Movies Discussion on 01 August 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    SvennoJ said: Immersiveunreality said: Yeah i really need to go get a second hand copy in dutch for Dune,i normally do not trust buying second hand online that much but really want to risk it for this one,i do read english books but it not being my native language does break immersion and i need that for fantasy dystopian books. :p Peter Jackson did good with the LoTR in my...

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    Tomorrow 15.00 CEST 30th July In dept look DQ character SMASH.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 July 2019 by TruckOSaurus

    Can't wait to try out that online tourney mode! ...

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    Milestone: The Switch's Journey

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 July 2019 by Wyrdness

    Shipment numbers should be this week also it seems 36m has been sold through to consumers so will update the op this would possibly mean shipments are at around 38m. https://n4g.com/news/2281929/nintendo-switch-tops-an-estimated-36-million-units-sold-worldwide-to-consumers ...

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 tracking very well, on track to be the 3rd biggest Switch launch this year

    in Sales Discussion on 24 July 2019 by Bofferbrauer2

    jonathanalis said: Interested in holiday sales of this game. Can Nintendo keep the momentum? For now, it certainly can. Until the holidays though? That's still some ways off. It might have a resurgence due to price cuts, but keep it up until then? I doubt it. ...

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    What would the Switch's 2019 first party lineup look like if there was still a seperate handheld and console platform?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2019 by abronn627

    TheMisterManGuy said: garretslarrity said: Wouldn't Fire Emblem more likely be on the handheld, and Mario Maker on the console? Three Houses is a lot bigger in scope and scale vs. the 3DS games. So much so that IS needed Koei Tecmo's help to get it working. They wanted to make a more home console style FE game, so that's why I put it under the "Console Category". Mario...

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    I figured out why the Switch Lite is pointless.

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 July 2019 by vivster

    Everything has a point if you're brave enough. ...

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    Bethesda E3 Conference

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 July 2019 by Bofferbrauer2

    Sorry for Necro'ing this, but I just had to after I found this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPN0qhSyWy8 ...

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    Official Nintendo E3 2019 Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2019 by Mar1217

    curl-6 said: Jranation said: I think they didnt show Bayo 3 because Astral Chain was there. Even though they will have different release dates maybe they think they will be competing against each other. Perhaps at the game awards. Yeah that does sound like a fair explanation, not wanting to divide people's hype between two Platinum action games at once. I'm hesitant...

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