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< Mordred11 posted something on darthdevidem01's wall:

Good to know you're still around here! :)

< VXIII posted something on darthdevidem01's wall:

In case that you didn't know. The professional previews have been extremely positive. Most praised the ambition and the "Final Fantasy" feel in XV.

Yup I skim read some of them! It really seems like this will be the most ambitious FF ever created, as it always was supposed to be. Keep forgetting FF Type-0 is coming too on Friday haha...excited for that too!

on 17 March 2015

I've been playing Type-0 for three days now. tons of fun ^^

on 17 March 2015

< WillyoubemyValentine posted something on darthdevidem01's wall:

Happy valentines day! be with your loved ones!

< DonFerrari posted something on darthdevidem01's wall:

I miss your smiley dog face....

< VXIII posted something on darthdevidem01's wall:

Good to know that you are well, you never lose your charm :p

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Write 38

Very Early FFXV Demo Impressions!

in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2015

Sounds AMAZING!!!! Literally can't wait for Friday! Wish we got it on the same day as you guys in Amurica do!! Most looking forward to the music and battle system at this point. And I've heard a lot about this summon...don't wanna get it spoilt for myself though! ...

Write 144

Official FINAL FANTASY XV HYPE Thread - New Info Revealed! FFXV Online?!

in Gaming Discussion on 22 September 2014

HELL YES FOR PS4 SO HYPED FOR IT!!!!!!! BEen waiting since school for this game....almost finished university now. The trailer confirms the tone, story, music & world will live up to 10 years of HYPE. I am just so confused about the battle system...I don;t really understand how it's gonna work but oh well.....that's what the demo is for. ...

Write 129

Square Enix AKA " the most idiotic company on planet " strikes again - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming to ps4 and xbone But not Vita

in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2014

LMAO could care less if its on Vita or not... I'm just SO HAPPY IT IS FINALLY COMING!!! All that wait & anticipation...I'd pretty much given up all hope of it ever coming And now they're gonna let me play it in HD on my 40inch screen & let my PS4 uncollect dust....YESSSS!!!!!!! BEST NEWS OF E3 LOL! :D :D :D   *hope it comes soon though*...


Education: University

University: Nottingham Medical School

Height: 5'9

Build: Other

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Relationship status: Dating

Favourite Films: Star Wars, Matrix (only the 1st one, I shudder to think of the other 2), The Prestige, Lion King, Lord Of The Ring (part 1 & 3 NOT 2), Rush Hour, Kill bill Vol 1 & 2.....maaaany more!

Favourite Books: Harry Potter, Alex Rider series, Eragon series, His Dark Materials series, Angels & Demons (the underrated book by Dan Brown of Da Vinci code fame).......many more

Favourite Food: 1. Chinese - Aromatic Duck!
2. Japanese - Sushi
3. Indian - Chicken Tikka!
4. Italian - Pizza!
5. Spanish - Paella, chorizo!
6. Thai - Satay Chicken!
7. British - Sunday Lunch!

I'm a foodie, love food.

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