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    Firmware 3.65 killed Skype on Vita

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    Sorry your taking the inevitable death of the Vita so hard. But just imagine this, a phablet sized Sony smart phone with removable Shock-Con controllers and a physical game card slot. More powerful than the Switch and much more capable for everyday use. It probably will happen sometime in the future....

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    Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News

    in Politics Discussion 5 days ago

    Then Bill O’Reilly is perfect for a future Trump cabinet position. Just saying.......

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    New Smash for Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2017

    O.K. If Nintendo is going to make a totally new Smash for Switch it needs to have an entirely new mechanic. And that mechanic will be..... [b]TAG TEAM COMBAT[/b] where you [b]SWITCH[/b] between two fighters. Yes, it will be awesome....

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    Melee remake for Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2017

    Melee HD with a whole new set of "Melee amiibo" to go with it. Maybe this would finally unify the Smash community under one banner. (y)...

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    Why is Splatoon 2 still stuck at 720p? Why are most Switch games full HD?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2017

    Einsam_Delphin said: I believe it'll be because of Splitscreen, don't see any other reason why they would give the amiibo the ability to save your loadout so you can take it to friends house and use on their Switch. But you can take your Switch to a friend's house just as easily as bringing an amiibo. ...

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    DigitalFoundry: Lego City Undercover Comparison - Switch vs PS4/Xbox One

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2017

    This is when I love Digital Foundery. When they actually have hands on testing and side by side comparisons. Their rumor vids are so beneath them that it's disappointing. The proof is in the pudding and the Switch is holding its own aginst the PS4 and Xbox One. And bringing the ability to play these games at home AND on the go is, at least to me, the deciding factor in making purchasing...

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    Dragon Quest XI Is Getting A PS4 Slime Controller By Hori In Japan

    in Sony Discussion on 11 April 2017

    For reference its only 5.7 inches wide so reaching the buttons and sticks will be no problem....

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    Zelda Botw: Focusing On Stuff You Shouldn't Miss (Spoilers?)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 April 2017

    I just maxed out the Wild armour set you get for beating all the shrines. It has 28 for each piece of gear for a total defense of 84. That takes 24 dragon parts, 8 from each dragon and four star fragments to fully upgrade. The Wild set is one of only three armour sets I have found that max to 84....

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    I just now discovered that you can switch forum posts per page from 10 to 100!

    in Website Feedback on 08 April 2017

    VGPolyglot said: Maybe I'm late to the curve, maybe everyone else already knew, but for those of you who don't, you can actually change the number of posts that you want to see per page! Non-supporters can have up to 100, supporters can have even more! You have had the very definition of an epiphany. Congratulations. (y)...

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    Nintendo Switch + Samsung KS8000 = Issues :(

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2017

    My new Samsung Smart-ass TV is doing the same thing. Go into the Switch system menu and shut off the HDMI-CEC setting. Another issue I am having is the TV going crazy with trying to maintain black levels. If I am in a dark area in Zelda the TV gets even darker automatically. There is no way to shut this feature off, only high and low settings. Samsung phones blowing up and now their TV's failing....

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    Is the Scorpio next gen?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 April 2017

    Where is the poll? I feel a need to click a button about this subject....

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    Squid Sisters vs. Hatsune Miku which is your favorite ?

    in General Discussion on 04 April 2017

    It's two against one, literally. And together they spell Callie-Marie (calamari). Win win....

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    Zelda: BOTW Falling Star Myths

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 April 2017

    Ha. Fired up Zelda at work during lunch and bam, star fragment impact. My Guardian armour set is maxed out now. ...

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    Zelda: BOTW Falling Star Myths

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2017

    EricFabian said:I'm doing everything by myself. No guides, no videos, nothing. Currently at Rito Village to my second divine beast (and over 80hrs), I saw some shooting stars, but I was too lazy to go catch Good for you. I have the guide book for BOTW but I am staying out of it unless I get really stuck on something. I think I just glanced at the book twice so far. I have to be at...

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    Zelda: BOTW Falling Star Myths

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2017

    d21lewis said:I have about three. I'm afraid to use them. No idea what they are for. Upgrades for standard gear and amiibo gear. Also, you can use them in recipes....

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    Zelda: BOTW Falling Star Myths

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2017

    EricFabian said:never was able to get one There is one star fragment I got from a chest in a shrine. I can't remember what shrine that was, though. ...

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    Zelda: BOTW Falling Star Myths

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2017

    [img][/img] Some YouTubers are claiming that falling star fragments only happen during a  full moon. This is false. This video has better information about finding those elusive shooting stars. . The game has an anti-farming system which seems...

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    Phil Spencer's grandpapa fought in WW2!

    in General Discussion on 01 April 2017

    My grandfather fought in WW1, so take that Phil Spencer! Crap, I just realized how old I am again. Damn you Internet....

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    Is this a sign of pure Evil?

    in General Discussion on 31 March 2017

    But do you have the mark? The mark of the beast?...

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    Repaired Left Joycon Test Shows Improvement

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 March 2017

    I actually bought a second set of Joy-Cons and luckily both sets work fine no matter how I try and block them. It seems the red and blue ones have the problem. Both of my sets are grey....

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