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    Nintendo's 2018 lineup could be bonkers!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 March 2018 by PwerlvlAmy

    good line up for Switch. Lots of mid tier games. Only one so far that's a system seller is Smash Bros. Thats gotta be the holiday title...

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    The best and worst of Miiverse thread (Now with added Miitomo!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 November 2017 by Rogerioandrade

    AlfredoTurkey said: This kind of shit is why Nintendo is nervous about online interaction. That "boy" is probably a 32 year old pedophile looking to lure a 10 year old autistic girl into bed... or worse. If something like that ever happens, Nintendo is going to be sued to the heavens and probably watch their entire company crumble from the bad press that will follow. They shoot...

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    List of 8th gen, million selling Sony IP. Ratchet & Clank added!

    in Sony Discussion on 04 July 2016 by Megaoverlord12

    Mbolibombo said: A bit surprised they arent having more million sellers over two platforms. 1) One of them's the Vita, which Sony gave up on damn well near immediately. 2) People don't buy Sony (or Microsoft) machines primarily for Sony (/MS) games. Ex. It took 4 weeks for Uncharted 4 to reach 2.9 mil.  Black Ops 3 did 3.7 mil first week. GTAV did 2.9 in 2 weeks. FIFA 16...

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    List of 8th gen, million selling Nintendo IP

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 July 2016 by Nautilus

    bigtakilla said: Nautilus said: armodillo17 said: I seriously doubt that Xenoblade X will reach that milestone. Sales data for both it (in Japan) and its predecessor (in all territories) indicate that the vast majority of sales were in the first month. It's pretty far down on the charts. Its already at 720k counting Japan digital number in less than 1 month..... and...

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    Best Selling Home Console Games of the 8th Gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2016 by A_C_E


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    [Updated] Can Mario kart 8 Surpass Super Mario Kart Sales-Wise?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 May 2016 by DivinePaladin

    IF it beats SMK, it will hit 60% no matter what, since the Wii U will almost certainly not pass 14.5m at this point. But it's up in the air otherwise, depending on how well the game tracks compared to the system and how many more units are produced for either. Right now it has to sell absolute minimum 10% more units than the Wii U on a consistent basis from here on out to hit 60% marketshare....

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    The Nihongo Speakers thread, if you'd like to practice Japanese, here's your place!

    in General Discussion on 15 April 2016 by Platina

    Norris2k said: Platina said: Maybe へた would be better than じょうずじゃない but doesn't へた imply that you are awful at it? Haven't learned ほとんど but is probably better than すこし.  Totally forgot about あまり, makes a lot more sense.. As...

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    Wii U sales 2015 vs 2016 - Week by week.

    in Sales Discussion on 31 March 2016 by POE

    Who wants to keep updating this thread? I cannot do it anymore, i donīt have time....

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    List of 8th gen, million selling Microsoft games. Halo 5 passes 4 million!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 March 2016 by Megaoverlord12

    darkenergy said: Soon Quantum Break will be added to the list :) I will admit that that game is getting a lot more hype than I thought it would....

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    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Review) | ZyroXZ2

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2016 by ZyroXZ2

    I agree: the next main Zelda game just can't come soon enough! But with a tendency for delays, perhaps something to chew on might help ease the anxiety... And what better than an HD version of Twilight Princess! https://youtu.be/Tvc9yeeJrC0 And finally, this will be the last update provided to this thread.  Those of you who found me through this forum: I want to thank you...

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    Climate Change: What's your take?

    in Politics Discussion on 18 February 2016 by Scisca

    AZWification said: Climate change is definitely happening. Here in Bucharest we had the hottest day of February since 1961! The month of December was also MUCH hotter than usual! There was less snow than in past years, too. This also means that it was hotter in the past, doesn't it? In the middle ages, there was wine production in Poland. Go ahead and try growing grapewine over...

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    And The New Moderators Are....

    in Website Topics on 15 February 2016 by padib

    CGI-Quality said: I admit, I was caught off guard there... Guiduc is an excellent user, I always pay attention to his posts.  Don't be fooled by his avi. Actually don't be fooled by anyone's avi! OO Now as a mod more than ever. Keep the sense of humor though ;-) Ultrashroomz said:Congrats to the new mods, I know they'll do a great job.(Although, that Ultrashroomz...

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    Realistically Does the Console NX Have Any Chance Against PS4/XB1?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2016 by Aielyn

    Lawlight said: Aielyn said: The Wii didn't "target" people. It tried to appeal to everybody. And I have no idea what NX will be doing, just as you don't. So making sweeping claims like you did is ignorant at best. What people had been saying about the Wii, prior to the big reveal and the massive hypetrain, was that Nintendo were going to be lucky to break double digits with their...

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    Well VGChartz, It's Been Quite the Adventure. :)

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2016 by archbrix

    How in the heck did I miss this thread? I'm very sorry to see you go. Thanks for the kind words; you will always be one of the great members of the Chartz. Take care buddy....

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    VGC's Most Attractive User 2016: Sign-Up!

    in General Discussion on 14 February 2016 by atomicblue

    Aw, bummer, I missed this! Guess that's to be expected since I'm not on here that often. Well, maybe we'll see how this old, pasty face does in 2017. Maybe I'll have a better phone camera by then instead of a cheap Huawei. :P ...

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    Wii U owners, at this point, do you plan on buying Starfox Zero?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2016 by mZuzek

    I planned on buying Star Fox before I even bought my Wii U (that is, before the game itself was even announced). I was a dreamer, and I was right....

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    VGChartz is too HARD! Apology from Nintation360

    in Website Topics on 12 February 2016 by COKTOE

    It's not as if I was doing cartwheels and flaming on your page after you were permabanned. It was the almost immediate creation of an alt account, and using that as a platform to proclaim that you will still be here that lead to my retort. It was tonally inflamatory. "Oh, you'll never stop me."I seriously don't know your history, and what lead to your permanent ejection from this site, but...

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    mario's tennis smash is a good game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2016 by KLXVER

    Did you pay 60 bucks for it?...

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    VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - EXTRA S.T.A.G.E.

    in General Discussion on 11 February 2016 by Machina

    hatmoza said: Sorry for not voting. I was genuinely busy. I was planning on sharing more images from Around the world these past few weeks if I advanced. These threads have taught me that straight folk have pretty poor taste in men. You shouldda gone through :(...

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    Which console is going to win the January NPD?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2016 by JRPGfan

    if amazon charts is anything to go by..... then PS4 by about double of the Xb1....

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